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  • Mendota, Safety Dog Collar, Orange

Mendota, Safety Dog Collar, Orange

by Mendota Pet Item #: 904220-M
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Upgrade to Durable, Highly Visible Dog Collar
FREE Nameplate with This Collar
If No Nameplate is chosen the pre-drilled nameplate holes are visible.
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The Mendota Safety Dog Collar is a superior choice in durable and highly visible dog collars. Crafted from BioThane® material, this collar is hard-wearing, resistant to cold weather, and will not retain any unpleasant odors. The vibrant orange color ensures your pet is easily spotted at all times.

This sturdy collar features nickel hardware, including a D-Ring by the buckle and an O-Ring for attaching a lead or leash. The collar's Biothane® material ensures it is easy to clean – simply wipe down with warm water.

What sets this collar apart is the complimentary personalized solid brass nameplate attached. However, for those who prefer a different aesthetic, DOGS Unlimited offers a stainless steel nameplate option, harmonizing perfectly with the collar's nickel hardware. Both brass and stainless steel nameplates are firmly attached using either swat rivets or machine-stamped rivets.

For the perfect fit, this collar is available in a range of neck sizes, from 16" long to 24" long. The measurement is taken from the end of the buckle to the middle of the 5 holes, not the entire length of the collar, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit for your canine companion.

Choose Mendota Safety Dog Collar for a personalized, tough, and waterproof solution that stands out. Your dog deserves the best – and Mendota delivers.

A word about our rivet options:

We offer two styles of rivets to attach our nameplates - SWAT Rivets and Machine Stamped Rivets.

SWAT Rivets are free and a nice option for dogs that are pets whose collars do not get pulled or tugged. They are a thin metal rivet and are swatted with a hammer to attach the nameplate to the collar. Because they are made of thin metal they are easy to drill out if you need to change out the nameplate with a new, updated nameplate. But they are also easily popped off if the collar gets tugged on or pulled on.

Machine Stamped Rivets are a tubular rivet post and cap set and the same style rivet that's used when making the collar. It's a very strong rivet and takes a rivet machine to attach the cap to the post. They are a much more permanent rivet when it comes to attaching the nameplate and are great for working dogs and dogs whose collar will be pulled and tugged.


We measure our collars from the end of the buckle to the middle of 5 holes NOT the entire length of the collar, so when we say that a collar has a NECK SIZE of 15" long this length is the distance between the buckle and the middle hole. Ultimately this measurement is based on your dog's Neck Size.

With that in mind, the best way to get a collar that fits properly is to put a string around your dog's neck where the collar will lay, and where it meets, cut it off and measure it. If you have a tailor's tape, you can do the same measurement and read the tape where it meets. That is the figure we will need to send you a collar that fits your dog correctly.
  • Made using durable Biothane material
  • Stays pliable in cold weather
  • Highly visible in the field
  • Will not hold dirt or scent

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Mendota, Safety Dog Collar, Orange Q&A

What material is the Mendota Safety Collar made from?
The collar is made from BioThane material.
What hardware options does the collar have?
The collar includes nickel hardware with a D-Ring and an O-Ring.
Can it be worn in cold weather?
Yes, the collar remains pliable even in cold weather.
How do you clean the collar?
It can be easily cleaned with warm water.
Is the nameplate customizable?
Yes, a free personalized solid brass or stainless steel nameplate is included.
What rivet options are available?
You can choose between swat rivets or machine stamped rivets.
Is the collar odor-free?
Yes, the BioThane material is odor-free.
Can I update the nameplate in the future?
Yes, swat rivets can be drilled out for updating the nameplate, while machine stamped rivets are a more permanent option.
Is the collar suitable for working canines?
Yes, it is perfect for both pets and working canines.
What color is the collar available in?
The Mendota Safety Collar is available in a highly visible orange color.

Item Specifications

Product NameSafety Dog Collar
Hardware MaterialNickel
O-RingUsed for attaching a lead or leash
Odor RetentionNo
CleaningCleans up easily with warm water
Nameplate Material OptionsSolid brass, Stainless steel
Nameplate Attachment OptionsSWAT Rivets, Machine Stamped Rivets
SWAT RivetsThin metal, easy to change, less durable
Machine Stamped RivetsTubular, requires machine, more permanent, and durable
Collar SizingMeasured from end of the buckle to the middle of 5 holes, based on dog's neck size
How to Measure for Proper FitUse a string or tailor's tape around the dog's neck where the collar will lay, cut it off and measure it, and select the needed length for collar.

Mendota Safety Dog Collar - Odor-free, Easy to Clean & Customizable

Introducing the Mendota Safety Dog Collar in vibrant orange, crafted from BioThane material, ensuring strength, durability, and enhanced visibility for your canine companion. The pliable design remains functional even in cold weather, providing your pet with the utmost comfort and style.

The inclusion of nickel hardware with a D-Ring and an O-Ring allows for easy attachment of leads and leashes. Enjoy the added perk of odor-free BioThane, which keeps the collar clean with a simple warm water rinse.

Personalize the Mendota Safety Dog Collar with a FREE solid brass or stainless steel nameplate, tailored to match the nickel hardware. Choose between swat rivets or machine stamped rivets to secure the nameplate, providing customization options to suit your pet's lifestyle.

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