• Mendota, Center Ring Dog Collar, Camo, 1" W

Mendota, Center Ring Dog Collar, Camo, 1" W

by Mendota Pet Item #: 904205-M
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These Mendota Center Ring Dog Collars are made of Mendota's camo pattern durable multi-filament braided material otherwise known as their signature Double-Braid collar. The solid brass hardware looks great and will last the lifetime of the collar. These Double-braided dog collars allow for more specific sizing on your dog's neck because they do not have pre-drilled sizing holes. This feature is great for those dogs whose neck size is in between the traditional length adjustment of most dog collars.

Though Mendota titles this dog collar as a center ring collar Dogs Unlimited would refer to it as having a Double Ring Style collar configuration - the collar starts with a buckle at the end followed by a D-Ring and halfway around there will be an O-ring. The D-ring is a convenient location to attach a dog license and rabies tag and the O-ring will rest at the back of your dog's neck so that you can easily attach a leash or lead rope.

We add a FREE Personalized Solid Brass Nameplate and complimentary machine-stamped solid brass rivets. If you happen to be looking for something a bit different you may consider our stainless steel nameplate which we attach with complimentary machine-stamped nickel-plated steel rivets.

Finally, these collars look great with any of the Mendota leads that we carry!
  • Tough and durable multi-filament material
  • Solid brass hardware

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