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  • Mendota, Center Ring Dog Collar, Camo, 1" Wide

Mendota, Center Ring Dog Collar, Camo, 1" Wide

by Mendota Pet Item #: 904205-M
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The Mendota Center Ring Dog Collar in Camo is a perfect blend of functionality and style for your canine companion. Crafted from Mendota's signature Double-Braid collar material, this 1" wide collar features a unique camo pattern and is exceptionally durable, making it ideal for active dogs. The center ring collar, which Dogs Unlimited refers to as a Double Ring Style collar configuration, has a solid brass buckle, D-ring, and O-ring. The D-ring provides a secure spot for your dog's license and rabies tag, while the O-ring, located at the back of the collar, allows for easy leash or lead rope attachment.

One of the standout features of this collar is its adjustable sizing. Unlike many dog collars with pre-drilled sizing holes, this collar allows for more specific sizing, making it an excellent choice for dogs whose neck size falls between traditional length adjustments.

The Mendota Center Ring Dog Collar also comes with a FREE Personalized Solid Brass Nameplate secured with complimentary machine-stamped solid brass rivets, adding a touch of sophistication and personalization to your dog's collar. For those seeking something a bit different, a stainless steel nameplate option is available, attached with machine-stamped nickel-plated steel rivets.

This collar is available in various neck size options: up to 18" long, up to 21" long, and up to 24" long. It's not just a collar; it's a statement of style and durability that's perfect for your dog. Choose the Mendota Center Ring Dog Collar for a collar that's as unique and resilient as your furry friend.

Finally, these collars look great with any of the Mendota leads that we carry!
  • Tough and durable multi-filament material
  • Solid brass hardware

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Mendota, Center Ring Dog Collar, Camo, 1" Wide Q&A

What is the width of this collar?
This Mendota Center Ring Dog Collar is 1" wide.
What makes this collar material durable?
The collar is made of a durable multi-filament braided material.
What type of hardware is used on this collar?
Solid brass hardware is used on this Mendota Center Ring Dog Collar.
Can I personalize the nameplate?
Yes, a free personalized solid brass nameplate is included.
What sizes and colors are available?
These collars are available with a camo pattern and multiple lengths.
Where are the O-ring and D-ring attachments located?
The D-ring attachment is next to the buckle, and the O-ring is located halfway around the collar.
Can I have the nameplate made of a different material?
Yes, you can choose a stainless steel nameplate as an alternative.
How are the nameplate rivets attached?
The rivets are machine-stamped for solid attachment.
What kind of leads do these collars pair with?
These collars look great with any of the Mendota leads available.
Is this collar adjustable?
Yes, the double-braid design allows for more specific sizing without pre-drilled holes.

Item Specifications

MaterialMulti-filament braided Mendota camo pattern
Signature Double-Braid CollarYes
HardwareSolid brass
Adjustment MethodNo pre-drilled sizing holes
Double Ring Style Collar ConfigurationYes (Buckle, D-Ring, and O-Ring)
Personalized Solid Brass NameplateIncluded (with brass rivets)
Optional Stainless Steel NameplateAvailable (with nickel-plated steel rivets)
Compatibility with Mendota LeadsYes
TypesCamo hunting, bird, braided dog collars, etc.

Mendota Center Ring Camo 1" W Double-Braid Dog Collar

The Mendota Center Ring Camo Dog Collar, 1" W, is a stylish and durable collar that is perfect for your active dog. Made from durable multi-filament material, this collar is designed to last a lifetime. The solid brass hardware provides an elegant look and lasting durability.

The unique double-braid design of the Mendota Center Ring Collar allows for more specific sizing to accommodate dogs with neck sizes between traditional collar lengths. The collar also features an O-ring that rests at the back of your dog's neck, making it easy to attach a leash or lead rope.

This camo-patterned collar is not only tough and durable but also adds a touch of style to your dog's look. Additionally, we offer a FREE personalized solid brass nameplate with complimentary machine-stamped solid brass rivets, ensuring your dog's important information is always visible.

As an alternative, you may consider our stainless steel nameplate attached with complimentary machine-stamped nickel-plated steel rivets. Complete the look with any of the Mendota leads available in our store, making your dog stand out in both style and functionality.

The Mendota Center Ring Collar is versatile, sturdy, and stylish, providing your dog with exceptional comfort while ensuring all the necessary features for your dog's safety.

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