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Experience top-notch control with the Mendota Handler Lead. Measuring at a versatile 3/8" W X 36" L, this slip lead is the ideal accessory for both professional trainers and amateur dog handlers. Brought to you by Mendota Products, a renowned name in the industry, this lead stands out as the best dog leash ever for its robustness and superior dog control capabilities.

The Mendota Handler Lead is a small slip lead crafted to adapt to any situation, be it a challenging hunting competition or a casual park walk. Its unique design accommodates a wide range of neck sizes, courtesy of additional leather stops for customizable fitting according to your dog's size.

Constructed from a durable multi-filament material, this Mendota slip lead is more than just a rope slip dog leash. Its strength and resilience make it a vital tool that enhances control and safety for both the handler and the dog, promising longevity and reliability.

Available in stylish Camo and vibrant Orange color variants, this slip dog leash merges functionality with style. The Mendota Handler Lead's unique selling points lie in its superior quality, robustness, and convenience, making dog handling an effortless and enjoyable task.

Discover the benefits of the Mendota Handler Lead, the perfect leash for all your dog handling needs. Experience exceptional control, durability, and style with Mendota Products' innovative offerings - the epitome of superior quality in slip dog leashes.
  • Slip lead
  • 3' long
  • Leather stops for custom fit

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Mendota, Handler Lead, 3/8" W X 36" L Q&A

What size is the Mendota Handler Lead?
The Mendota Handler Lead is 3/8" W X 36" L.
What material is the lead made from?
The lead is made from a durable, multi-filament material.
What are the leather stops for?
Leather stops allow for a customized fit for each dog.
Is this lead suitable for non-hunting dogs?
Yes, it can be used by anyone seeking enhanced control and customization.
Can this lead work for dogs of varying neck sizes?
Yes, the leather stops allow for adjustments to fit different neck sizes.
Is the Mendota Handler Lead suitable for field trials?
Yes, it's ideal for field trials and other hunting-related activities.
What types of dogs can benefit from the Mendota Handler Lead?
The lead is suitable for bird dogs, gun dogs, hunting dogs, and dogs requiring a short leash.
Does this lead provide enhanced control?
Yes, the slip lead design offers superior control over your dog.
Can amateurs also use the Mendota Handler Lead?
Yes, the lead is designed for both professional trainers and amateur handlers.
What makes Mendota Handler Lead stand out?
It features a durable material, customizable fit, and exceptional control, making it a top choice for dog handling.

Item Specifications

Product NameHandler Lead
Size3/8" W X 36" L
MaterialMulti-filament material
DesignSlip lead with additional leather stops
CustomizationLeather stops for custom fit
Suitable ForProfessional/amateur hunting dog competitors
ApplicationsDog control, field trials, gun dog handling
Alternate NamesGun dog slip lead, hunting dog slip lead

Mendota Handler Lead: A Durable, Adjustable Dog Leash for Professionals & Amateurs

Discover the versatile and durable Mendota Handler Lead, a trusted choice for professional trainers and passionate amateurs seeking better control over their hunting dogs. This 3ft slip lead includes leather stops to help achieve the perfect fit for your dog, regardless of neck size.

Experience the strength and reliability of the Mendota Handler Lead, made from durable multi-filament material, ensuring an effective tool for those challenging moments when a short leash is needed. A must-have accessory for field trials, bird dogs, and gun dogs.

Harness the power of the Mendota Handler Lead, not just for hunting dog competitors, but for regular dog owners seeking enhanced control and customization in a leash. An exceptional option for those who strive for the best in dog handling equipment.

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