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Introducing the Leather Snap Off Belt Holster by Hunter Company. Meticulously crafted for right-handed users, this holster is your ideal partner for field trials, dog training, and hunting tests. Designed to secure pistols with 2" - 3" barrels, it accommodates the Alfa and Ekol Viper model blank pistols and other similar-sized, large-frame blank pistols with barrels of the same length.

Constructed from durable saddle leather, this Size 36 holster offers unmatched strength and longevity, ensuring your firearm is kept secure and ready for action. Its robust construction ensures it will withstand the rigors of regular use and stand the test of time.

What makes this holster unique, is its simple yet effective design that has made it a popular choice among hunting dog trainers. The snap-off feature allows for quick and convenient access to your firearm when needed, without compromising on security when it's not in use.

Whether you own a blank gun, pistol, or revolver, this holster is versatile and adaptable, providing a snug and secure fit for your firearm. Choose the Leather Snap Off Belt Holster, Size 36, Right Handed by Hunter Company for a reliable, durable, and highly functional addition to your hunting gear.

Size 36, Right Handed -

Designed for pistols with 2" - 3" barrels
Fits the Alfa model blank pistols
Fits the Ekol Viper blank pistols
Fits other similar-sized, large frame blank pistols with barrels 2 - 3 inches in length

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Leather Snap Off Belt Holster, Size 36, Right Handed Q&A

What material is the holster made of?
The holster is made of strong and durable saddle leather.
Which pistol sizes does this holster fit?
It fits pistols with 2-3 inch barrels in size 36.
Is the holster designed for right-handed users?
Yes, this holster is designed for right-handed users.
Which blank pistols models are compatible with this holster?
This holster is compatible with Alfa model and Ekol Viper blank pistols.
Can this holster be used during dog training, field trials, and hunt tests?
Yes, this holster is perfect for dog training, field trials, and hunt tests.
Why is this design popular among hunting dog trainers?
The simple, yet effective design of this holster has made it popular among hunting dog trainers.
What accessories does the Hunter Company offer?
Hunter Company offers accessories like blank gun holsters and blank pistol holsters.
What are some common uses for this leather snap off belt holster?
It is commonly used for hunting dog training, retriever training, and gun dog training.
Is the holster design easy to use?
Yes, the snap off design is secure and simple to use.
What is the longevity of this leather holster?
This leather holster is designed to last a lifetime with proper care and use.

Item Specifications

MaterialStrong and durable saddle leather
LongevityLifetime of dog training, field trialing, and hunt tests
DesignSimple, yet effective
Compatible Pistol Barrel Length2" - 3"
Compatible ModelsAlfa model blank pistols, Ekol Viper blank pistols
Compatibility with Other Blank PistolsLarge frame blank pistols with barrels 2 - 3 inches in length
Also Known As (Alternative Names)Blank gun holster, Blank pistol holster, Dog training pistol holster, Gun dog training pistol holster, Gun holster, Holster, Hunting dog training leather holster, Hunting dog training pistol holster, Leather snap off belt holster, Pistol holster, Retriever training pistol holster, Revolver holster, Right handed holster

Leather Snap Off Belt Holster - Perfect Fit for Right-Handed Users in Size 36

Upgrade your pistol holster with our durable Leather Snap Off Belt Holster designed for right-handed users with 2-3 inch barrels in size 36. Securely hold your pistol during dog training, hunting, and field trials.

Experience the quality and longevity of saddle leather with our Leather Snap Off Belt Holster. The simple and effective design makes it the most popular choice for hunting dog trainer's and enthusiasts.

This leather holster is compatible with Alfa model and Ekol Viper blank pistols, as well as other large frame blank pistols in similar sizes. Use it for gun dog training or retriever training to keep your pistol secure and protected.

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