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  • Victory, .22 Caliber Blank Cartridges, Short

Victory, .22 Caliber Blank Cartridges, Short

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Train Puppies with Victory .22 Cal Blank Cartridges: Soft Sound, Ideal for Gun-Shy Dogs!
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These imported Victory .22 / 6mm caliber blank cartridges are the ideal tool for acclimating your puppies to the sound of the gun, or for helping dogs overcome gun shyness. Also known as acorn crimps, these .22 caliber blanks are designed to be short and emit a softer sound when fired, making them less intimidating for training purposes.

Each package contains 100 short, crimped blank cartridges, providing you with ample supply for your training needs.

These cartridges are specifically designed for use in starter pistols, making them an excellent choice for dog trainers, sports events, or theatrical productions. Please note that due to shipping restrictions, these cartridges can only be shipped via UPS Ground.

Experience the unique benefits of the Victory .22 caliber blank cartridges - they offer a softer report which is ideal for early training in puppies and gun-shy dogs, they are acorn crimped for easy recognition, and come in a convenient 100-count package.

Don't miss out on these 22-caliber blanks for sale. Get your Victory .22 caliber blank cartridges today and provide a comfortable, stress-free training experience for your dogs.
  • Perfect for early training in puppies and gun shy dogs
  • 1/4" total length

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Victory, .22 Caliber Blank Cartridges, Short Q&A

What is the caliber of these blank cartridges?
.22 Caliber
How many cartridges are included in the package?
100 count
What is the length of these blank cartridges?
1/4" total length
What type of crimp is used in these cartridges?
Acorn crimps
Which shipping method is used?
UPS Ground
Are these cartridges suitable for gun shy dogs?
Are Maxx Tech blank cartridges ideal for early training?
What type of pistol can these blanks be used in?
Starter pistols
Can these blank cartridges help with hunting dog training?
What is the report of Maxx Tech blank cartridges?
Soft report

Item Specifications

BrandMaxx Tech
Product.22 Caliber Blank Cartridges
StatusOut of Stock
Est. Availability DateNot provided
ReportSoft compared to other .22 caliber blanks
UseIntroducing puppies to the sound of the gun and dogs who have become gun shy
TypeCrimped blank cartridges (acorn crimps)
ShippingUPS Ground only
Quantity100 Count
Size1/4" total length
Other Names.22 cal blank cartridges, .22 caliber acorn crimps, .22 caliber blanks, .22 caliber crimps, .22 caliber dog training crimps, .22 caliber gun dog training crimps, .22 caliber hunting dog training crimps, 22 cal blanks for sale, 22 caliber blank cartridges, 22 caliber blanks for starter pistols, acorn crimps, puppy training .22 caliber crimps, short .22 caliber blanks

Maxx Tech .22 Caliber Blank Cartridges: Perfect for Puppy Training

Introducing Maxx Tech .22 Caliber Blank Cartridges, a perfect way to start early gun training for puppies and gun shy dogs. With their short size and soft report, these blank cartridges are suitable for a gentle introduction to gun sounds.

These acorn crimped .22 caliber blanks are known for their small size and minimal noise, making them ideal for training hunting dogs and can only be shipped via UPS Ground. Be confident in your dog's training with Maxx Tech's 100 count package.

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