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The Sylmar Leg Protection Tube, is specifically designed for your hunting dog's front leg. This expertly crafted protection tube is made from heavy-duty denier Cordura, ensuring it can withstand even the most challenging hunting conditions. Its rugged construction makes it a standout product in the Sylmar Dogwear range.

The Leg Protection Tube is not just durable, but it's also a key component in safeguarding your hunting dog from injuries. It's the first line of defense against the rough and unpredictable elements of nature that your dog may encounter on a hunting day. If your dog has already sustained wounds, the Leg Protection Tube is an excellent protective layer for bandages, cuts, and scrapes, aiding in faster healing and preventing your dog from licking or aggravating the wound.

Available in vibrant orange color, the Sylmar Leg Protection Tube is sold individually and comes with a 3/4" Velcro strip overlap for secure and easy fastening. The product's size chart offers an approximate measurement to ensure a snug fit for your dog, with size options including Small, Medium, Large, and X Large.

Choose the Sylmar Leg Protection Tube for ultimate leg protection and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your hunting dog's legs are shielded from potential damage. It's a simple, yet highly effective solution to keep your dog safe and healthy during any hunting expedition. Sold a a single.

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Sylmar, Leg Protection Tube, Front Leg, Orange Q&A

What material are the Sylmar Leg Protection Tubes made of?
Heavy-duty denier Cordura
Are these protection tubes suitable for hunting dogs?
Yes, they are designed for hunting and gun dogs
Do the tubes help in healing existing injuries?
Yes, they aid in healing and protecting existing wounds
What type of injuries do these tubes protect against?
Cuts, scrapes, and other types of wounds
Can these tubes be used for front leg protection?
Yes, they are designed for protecting your dog's front legs
How do the Leg Protection Tubes stay securely on the dog's legs?
They include a 3/4" Velcro strip for secure fit
Are these tubes sold individually or in pairs?
They are sold individually
Can these tubes prevent my dog from licking its wound?
Yes, they provide coverage to protect wounds from licking
Are Sylmar Leg Protection Tubes suitable for use in harsh hunting conditions?
Yes, they are made to withstand harsh conditions
Can the tubes be used on both legs?
Yes, they can be used on either front leg

Item Specifications

ProductLeg Protection Tube
Applicable body partFront Leg
MaterialHeavy-duty denier Cordura
PurposeProtect against injuries | | and harsh hunting conditions |
Protection forBandages, cuts, scrapes, | | and other types of wounds |
Sales unitSold individually
Measurement chart3/4" Velcro strip overlap
Closure methodVelcro
Suitable forBird dogs, hunting dogs, | | and gun dogs |
Alternative useStop dog from licking wounds

Sylmar Front Leg Protection Tube: Ultimate Solution for Hunting Dog Leg Protection

Strong and durable Sylmar Leg Protection Tubes are designed to keep your hunting dog's front legs safe from various injuries encountered during a hunt. Made from heavy-duty denier Cordura, these tubes not only protect their legs, but they also provide excellent aid to the healing process for already sustained injuries.

Sold individually and featuring a 3/4" Velcro strip for a secure fit, the Leg Protection Tubes provide ultimate coverage for your dog's legs from cuts, scrapes, and other types of wounds. With these tubes, your gun dog will be able to comfortably perform while being shielded from any harm.

Prevent unnecessary injuries and ensure proper healing for your hunting dog by investing in Sylmar Leg Protection Tubes. With their high-quality material and practical design, these tubes are perfect for both protection and recovery.

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