• Dog Safety Vest, Hunter Orange
  • Dog Safety Vest, Hunter Orange
  • Dog Safety Vest, Hunter Orange
  • Dog Safety Vest, Hunter Orange

Dog Safety Vest, Hunter Orange

by Dog Not Gone Item #: 1303010-M
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Enhance Your Dog's Visibility with Our Safety Vest
This Safety Dog Vest is designed for all sizes of hunting dogs to keep them safe while in the field. Whether you are chasing pheasants or walking in the park, this vest offers you and your dog the visibility you need.

Made of 10 Mile Cloth for durability, this Safety Dog Vest is bright Hunter Orange with a reflective strip on the chest beam so that your dog is visible even in lower light conditions.

Reference Size Chart Below
* Guidelines for vest size. For the most accurate fit measure the dog around the deepest part of its chest.

Size Chart

Suggested Breed Example
Size 32
28 -31
Brittany, Beagle
Size 34
30 - 33
Brittany, Beagle, small GSP
Size 36
32 - 35
Brittany, GSP
Size 38
34 - 37
Lab, Golden Retriever
Size 42
36 - 41
Lab, Golden Retriever, Shepherd

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Dog Safety Vest, Hunter Orange Q&A

What material is the Dog Safety Vest made of?
10 Mile Cloth
What color is the Dog Safety Vest?
Hunter Orange
What safety feature does the vest offer for low-light conditions?
reflective strip on the chest beam
Is this vest suitable for both hunting dogs and pets?
Yes, it is suitable for all dogs in outdoor adventures
Do you provide a size chart for accurate fitting?
Yes, a size chart is provided
What is the purpose of the Dog Safety Vest?
To increase visibility and safety for dogs during outdoor activities
How do I measure my dog for the perfect fit?
Measure your dog around the deepest part of its chest
Can this vest be used during walks in the park?
Yes, it is suitable for walks in the park
Is the vest lightweight and comfortable for my dog?
Yes, the vest is designed for your dog's comfort and ease
Why should I invest in a Dog Safety Vest?
To ensure your dog's safety and visibility during outdoor activities

Item Specifications

TypeDog Safety Vest
ColorHunter Orange
Design PurposeAll sizes of hunting dogs safety while in the field
Suitable ActivitiesChasing pheasants, walking in the park
VisibilityHigh visibility
Material10 Mile Cloth for durability
Additional Visibility FeatureReflective strip on the chest beam
Light ConditionsVisible even in lower light conditions
Measurement for Accurate FitMeasure dog around the deepest part of its chest

Hunter Orange Dog Safety Vest: Ensure Your Dog's Safety and Visibility

Invest in your dog's safety with our Hunter Orange Dog Safety Vest. Designed to fit all sizes of hunting dogs, this vest is made of durable 10 Mile Cloth, ensuring longevity and comfort for your canine companion.

Ensure increased visibility for you and your dog during any outdoor adventure, from pheasant hunting to nature walks in the park. Our high-quality vest features a bright Hunter Orange color, along with a reflective strip on the chest beam to maximize your dog's visibility in lower light conditions.

With your dog's safety at heart, our vest is ideal for providing the necessary visibility required during hunting or recreational activities. Based on the size chart provided, find the perfect fit for your dog, ensuring utmost comfort and safety during your outdoor excursions.