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  • SportDog, Heel Stick

SportDog, Heel Stick

by SportDog Brand Item #: 901065-11774
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Enhance Your Dog's Training with SportDog Heel Stick
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The SportDog Heel Stick from the renowned SportDog Brand is a crucial tool that effectively reinforces your dog's learned commands. Specifically designed for trainers of all expertise levels, this tool aids in maintaining your dog's focus during training sessions.

This dog training stick stands out due to its stiff design and a total length of 34", making it ideal for training hunting dogs to be the best in the field. It features an extra-long, no-slip rubber grip, ensuring a firm hold in all weather conditions. The resilience and versatility of the SportDog Heel Stick make it a valuable addition to your gun dog supplies.

As a premier product from the SportDog Brand, this Heel Stick is often hailed as the best heeling stick in the market. It's the perfect tool to take your dog's training to the next level, whether you're working on basic commands or advanced fieldwork.

In summary, it's a tool that enhances your training efforts, ensuring your dog is not only obedient but also a superior performer in the field. Experience the difference today with the SportDog Heel Stick.
  • Extra long no slip rubber handle
  • Stiff design
  • 34" Overall length
  • Highly visible

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SportDog, Heel Stick Q&A

Does the Heel Stick work in all weather conditions?
Yes, the SportDog Heel Stick has a no-slip rubber grip, making it suitable for all weather conditions.
What is the Heel Stick's overall length?
The SportDog Heel Stick is 34 inches in total length.
Is the Heel Stick stiff in design?
Yes, the SportDog Heel Stick has a stiff design for effective dog training.
Can the Heel Stick be used by trainers at all levels?
Yes, the SportDog Heel Stick is suitable for trainers at every level.
Do I need a light hand when using the Heel Stick?
Yes, it's recommended that the SportDog Heel Stick be used with a light hand for effective reinforcement of commands.
What is the main purpose of the Heel Stick?
The SportDog Heel Stick is used to reinforce a dog's learned commands and keep them focused during training.
Does the Heel Stick work well for hunting dogs?
Yes, the SportDog Heel Stick is designed to enhance the training of hunting dogs.
What makes the Heel Stick highly visible?
The SportDog Heel Stick is highly visible due to its distinct design and the SportDog Brand's signature look.
Is the Heel Stick appropriate for retriever training?
Yes, the SportDog Heel Stick is perfect for retriever training, ensuring precision in heeling.
How does the Heel Stick help during the training?
The SportDog Heel Stick helps trainers effectively reinforce learned commands and maintain the dog's focus during training sessions.

Item Specifications

ProductHeel Stick
PurposeReinforce learned commands, training
Suitable forTrainers at all levels
GripExtra-long no-slip rubber grip
Weather compatibilityWorks well in all weather conditions
Total length34"
UsageHunting dog training, retriever training
VisibilityHighly visible
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Level Up Dog Training with SportDog Heel Stick

Introducing the SportDog Heel Stick, a perfect tool to reinforce your hunting dog's learned commands. Suitable for all trainers, it ensures your dog remains focused during training.

Designed with an extra-long no-slip rubber grip, the SportDog Heel Stick is ideal for all weather conditions. Its 34-inch length and stiff design make it the best heeling stick to enhance retriever training.

Boost your dog's training efficiency with the highly visible SportDog Heel Stick. Crafted with durability in mind, this obedience heeling stick can help your dog become the best in the field.

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