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  • Sportsman Brass Bell
  • Sportsman Brass Bell
  • Sportsman Brass Bell
  • Sportsman Brass Bell

Sportsman Brass Bell

by Scott Sporting Dog Item #: 1022225-26097
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Discover the Sound of Sportsman Brass Bell
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Often all it takes is the slightest sound to get your attention. The Solid Brass Bell with Loop is a high-pitched dog bell perfect for those who enjoy the simple solitude of the hunt.

This Solid Brass Bell with Loop is classically unobtrusive in the grouse woods as it is easy on the ears when searching for the elusive bobwhites in the piney woods.

It comes with a loop so you can easily attach it to your good dog's collar.

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Sportsman Brass Bell Q&A

What is special about the Sportsman Brass Bell?
It's a high-pitched and unobtrusive bell, perfect for hunters who enjoy solitude during their adventures.
Is the Solid Brass Bell with Loop easy to attach?
Yes, it comes with a loop for easy attachment to your dog's collar.
Where can I use the Sportsman Brass Bell?
The bell is suitable for grouse woods, piney woods and similar environments where bird hunting takes place.
What makes the Sportsman Brass Bell stand out?
Its high-pitched, unobtrusive sound and easy attachment make it the perfect accessory for a peaceful hunting experience.
How does the Sportsman Brass Bell enhance my hunts?
The bell allows you to maintain alertness of your surroundings, without disturbing the natural ambiance of the environment.
Is this bell suitable for bird hunting?
Yes, it's specifically designed for bird hunting, like searching for Bobwhites in piney woods.
Can I use the Sportsman Brass Bell for other activities?
Yes, it can also be used for hiking and other outdoor adventures as a location bell.
What kind of material is the Sportsman Brass Bell made of?
The bell is made of solid brass, giving it a classy and durable finish.
Does the Sportsman Brass Bell come in different sizes?
It is available in a one-size model with a loop for easy attachment to various collar sizes.
How easy is it to attach and detach the Sportsman Brass Bell?
The bell features a loop, making it easy to attach and detach from your dog's collar as needed.

Item Specifications

MaterialSolid Brass
TypeHigh-pitched dog bell
LoopYes, comes with a loop
Collar AttachmentYes, can be easily attached to dog's collar
Suitable ActivitiesHunting- grouse woods, piney woods, etc.
Additional NamesBird dog bell, brass hunting bell, gun dog bell, hiking bell, location bell, pet bells, small brass dog bell, upland hunting bell

Sportsman Brass Bell: The Perfect Accessory for Your Hunting Adventure

Elevate your hunting experience with the Sportsman Brass Bell. This high-pitched bell provides a pleasant, unobtrusive sound that gives you just the right amount of alertness during your peaceful hunting ventures.

The Solid Brass Bell with Loop is not only a functional piece of equipment for your hunting journey, but also a classic and elegant accessory to attach to your dog's collar. Make your hunts more enjoyable and efficient with our perfectly designed bell.

Experience the simplicity and solitude of the hunt with the Sportsman Brass Bell. It blends seamlessly into the natural ambiance of both grouse woods and piney woods, making it the ideal companion for hunters seeking the elusive bobwhites.

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