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Cowhide Gloves

Item #: 1136030-M
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Tough Cowhide Gloves for Hardworking Trainers
These are your classic Cowhide Gloves, made for the folks who put in a tough day's work.

While these gloves are economical they'll still put up with a lot of abuse, so you can use them all year long training and handling bird dogs and doing chores around the kennel. The shirred elastic back and slip-on cuff make for an excellent fitting glove, and the conforming thumb assures lasting comfort.

Contents - 1 Pair

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Cowhide Gloves Q&A

What type of tasks can Cowhide Gloves be used for?
They can be used for bird dog training, kennel chores, yard work, and other similar tasks.
Are Cowhide Gloves comfortable for long-term use?
Yes, the conforming thumb and shirred elastic back provide lasting comfort.
What makes these gloves resistant to abuse?
The durable cowhide material ensures they can put up with a lot of abuse during various tasks.
Do Cowhide Gloves provide a good fit?
Yes, the slip-on cuff and shirred elastic back contribute to an excellent fit.
Can I use these gloves all year long?
Absolutely, Cowhide Gloves are designed for all-year usage.
What is the main material used in Cowhide Gloves?
These gloves are made from cowhide leather.
Are Cowhide Gloves easy to put on and take off?
Yes, the slip-on cuff makes it easy to put on and remove the gloves.
What is the main purpose of these gloves?
The main purpose is to provide a durable and comfortable option for various tasks, such as bird dog training and kennel chores.
How many gloves are included in one purchase?
Each purchase includes one pair of Cowhide Gloves.
Do these gloves provide good value for money?
Yes, Cowhide Gloves are an economical choice, offering durability and comfort at a reasonable price.

Item Specifications

PurposeBird dog training, kennel work, yard work, hunting
DurabilityCan withstand lots of abuse
Contents1 Pair of gloves
Elastic BackShirred elastic back
Slip-on CuffEasy fitting
Conforming ThumbAssures lasting comfort
EconomicalAffordable yet functional
All-year UsageSuitable for all seasons
TypesCowhide, leather, work, kennel, yard work gloves

Durable & Comfortable Cowhide Gloves for Bird Dog Training & More

Introducing the classic Cowhide Gloves, designed to withstand a tough day's work. Train your bird dog, handle kennel chores and perform yard work confidently with these hardwearing gloves.

These gloves provide an economical, abuse-resistant solution for all-year use, ensuring you get the most of your investment. Experience lasting comfort thanks to the conforming thumb and shirred elastic back.

Featuring a slip-on cuff, the Cowhide Gloves offer an excellent fit. Their versatile design allows use for various tasks in addition to dog training, from yard work to routine kennel tasks.

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