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  • SportDog, Accessory Antenna

SportDog, Accessory Antenna

by SportDog Brand Item #: 901010-12543
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Upgrade Your Collar with SportDOG Accessory Antenna
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This SportDOG Brand replacement transmitter antenna fits the following models of SportDOG training collars:

SportHunter 800 (SD-800)
SportHunter 1225 (SD-1225)
SportHunter 1825 (SD-1825)
WetlandHunter 1825 (SD-1825CAMO)
HoundHunter 3225 (SD-3225)

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SportDog, Accessory Antenna Q&A

Which collar models is the SportDOG Accessory Antenna compatible with?
The antenna is compatible with SportHunter 800, 1225, 1825, WetlandHunter 1825, and HoundHunter 3225.
What benefits does the SportDOG Accessory Antenna offer?
It enhances signal quality, range, and improves overall efficiency of dog training sessions.
Is the SportDOG Accessory Antenna easy to install?
Yes, the antenna is easy to install on your dog's SportDOG training collar.
Can I use this antenna to upgrade the range of my existing SportDOG collar?
Yes, installing the SportDOG Accessory Antenna will extend the range and signal quality of your collar.
Is the SportDOG Accessory Antenna suitable for outdoor activities?
Yes, this antenna is designed for optimal use during outdoor dog training sessions.
Will this antenna fit my WetlandHunter 1825 collar?
Yes, the SportDOG Accessory Antenna is compatible with the WetlandHunter 1825 collar.
Can the SportDOG Accessory Antenna be used on a SportHunter 3225 collar?
It is compatible with the HoundHunter 3225 collar, not the SportHunter 3225.
Do I need any special tools to install the SportDOG Accessory Antenna?
No, the installation process does not require any special tools.
How does the SportDOG Accessory Antenna improve my dog training sessions?
The antenna offers better signal quality and range, resulting in more efficient training sessions.
Is this antenna an official SportDOG Brand product?
Yes, the SportDOG Accessory Antenna is an official product from the SportDOG Brand.

Item Specifications

ProductAccessory Antenna
Compatible ModelsSportHunter 800 (SD-800)
Variants1225 replacement antenna
CategorySportDog Accessories
FunctionalityReplacement transmitter antenna
Trainer SeriesSportHunter, WetlandHunter

SportDOG Accessory Antenna for Enhanced Dog Training Collars

Improve the efficiency of your dog training sessions with the help of the SportDOG Accessory Antenna. This transmitter antenna is designed to be compatible with a range of SportDOG training collar models, ensuring that you get the strongest signal possible during your outdoor activities.

Get the most out of your SportDOG training collar with a replacement antenna that offers extended range and better signal quality. The SportDOG Accessory Antenna is easy to install and provides an instant upgrade to your pet's SportHunter, WetlandHunter, or HoundHunter collar.

Experience seamless and uninterrupted dog training sessions with the SportDOG Accessory Antenna. Specially designed for multiple SportDOG models, this transmitter antenna maximizes the signal quality and range of your collar, making it easier to communicate with your dog during outdoor adventures.

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