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  • Mud River Dog Products, Bedford Uninsulated Kennel Cover, Brown

Mud River Dog Products, Bedford Uninsulated Kennel Cover, Brown

by Mud River Item #: 1262060-M
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Keep Your Dog Comfortable in Mild Weather Conditions
$109.99 - $124.99$109.99
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The Mud River Bedford Uninsulated Kennel Cover in Brown - the perfect solution for keeping your dog comfortable and protected in mild weather conditions. This versatile kennel cover is designed to fit a range of kennel sizes, with options available in Medium, Large Standard, Large Extended, and Extra Large.

Crafted with a weather-resistant poly outer material, the Bedford Kennel Cover ensures your dog's crate stays dry and secure, no matter the conditions. The strategically placed D-Rings provide additional security, allowing you to easily fasten the cover to your kennel.

Designed with your dog's comfort in mind, the Mud River Bedford Kennel Cover features a durable rubber mesh over each window, ensuring proper airflow and ventilation. This innovative design prevents overheating while still providing ample protection from the elements.

Transporting your dog and their kennel has never been easier, thanks to the dual top carry handles on the Bedford Uninsulated Kennel Cover. These sturdy handles allow for easy lifting and handling, making travel with your canine companion a breeze.

Upgrade your dog's crate or kennel with the Mud River Bedford Uninsulated Kennel Cover, and experience the difference in comfort and protection it provides. As a trusted name in kennel jackets and covers, Mud River Dog Products offers the perfect solution for insulating your dog's crate during those cooler months without sacrificing breathability and ease of use.
  • Weather resistant poly exterior
  • Dual top carry handles
  • Four D-rings for tie down
  • Rubber mesh windows
  • Removable window flaps

Size Chart

Length x Width x Height (IN)
Medium32 x 23 x 25
Large Standard36 x 26 x 26
Large Extended37 x 26 x 28.5
X-Large40 x 28.5 x 30

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Mud River Dog Products, Bedford Uninsulated Kennel Cover, Brown Q&A

Is the kennel cover designed for extreme weather conditions?
No, the Bedford Uninsulated Kennel Cover is designed for mild weather conditions.
What material is the cover made of?
The cover is made of weather-resistant poly material.
Are there any safety features?
Yes, the cover has strategically placed D-Rings to secure your kennel.
How is airflow maintained within the kennel cover?
Airflow is maintained through tough rubber mesh windows.
Are the window flaps removable?
Yes, the window flaps are removable for customization.
What is the purpose of dual top carry handles?
The dual top carry handles allow for ease of moving and handling the kennel cover.
Is this kennel cover suitable for winter?
The cover is designed for mild weather conditions, not extreme winter conditions.
Is it compatible with a variety of kennel and crate brands?
Yes, Mud River offers coordinated sizing for various kennel and crate manufacturers.
What color is the Bedford Uninsulated Kennel Cover?
The kennel cover is available in brown.
Who manufactures the Bedford Uninsulated Kennel Cover?
The kennel cover is manufactured by Mud River Dog Products.

Item Specifications

BrandMud River Dog Products
Product NameBedford Uninsulated Kennel Cover
Recommended ClimateCold, but not too cold
Outer MaterialWeather-resistant poly
D-RingsStrategically placed for securing kennel
Window DesignRubber mesh windows, removable window flaps
Top Carry HandlesDual handles for ease of moving and handling
PurposeKeep dog safe, sound, and ready for the day ahead
Compatible Manufacturers ListClick [HERE](link) for Mud River Dixie Kennel Cover Sizing
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Mud River Bedford Uninsulated Kennel Cover: Secure Your Dog's Comfort

Introducing the Bedford Uninsulated Kennel Cover, designed for dog owners who need protection for their dogs in mild weather conditions. This kennel cover by Mud River is made with weather-resistant poly material, making it perfect for those in-between temperatures when an insulated cover is unnecessary.

Featuring strategically placed D-Rings, the Bedford Uninsulated Kennel Cover ensures your kennel is secure in any situation. To maximize your dog's comfort, Mud River has added rubber mesh windows that allow proper airflow, while removable window flaps provide additional customization.

With dual top carry handles, the Bedford Uninsulated Kennel Cover is easy to move and handle, ensuring you can keep your dog safe, sound, and prepared for the day ahead. Give your dog the best environment with this innovative kennel cover.

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