• Kennel Gear, 1 Quart Crate Pail System

Kennel Gear, 1 Quart Crate Pail System

by Kennel Gear Item #: 911250-00149K
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This Kennel Gear 1-quart stainless steel crate pail is perfectly designed to give your dog the maximum amount of room in their traveling kennel while at the same time offering them 1 quart of water.

Mount this pail to the inside half of the kennel door nearest the left hinge and the pail will conveniently swing into the corner of the crate. Your good dog will not be able to knock the pail out but you can easily slide the lever and remove the pail for cleaning and filling.

Easily the best traveling crate watering system available.

Comes standard with .75" thumbscrews

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