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  • FieldKing Traveling STAINLESS STEEL Nameplate

FieldKing Traveling STAINLESS STEEL Nameplate

by FieldKing Item #: 1001327-M
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Secure Your Dog's Local Information with This Easy-to-Use Nameplate
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The FieldKing Traveling Stainless Steel Nameplate – a quality slide-on engraved dog tag designed to keep your traveling canine companion safe and secure during your hunting, field trial, or travel adventures. With this easy-to-use, personalized slide-on ID tag, you can effortlessly add local information to your dog's collar, ensuring they're always protected and identifiable, no matter where your journey takes you.

Made from high-quality stainless steel, this durable nameplate slides seamlessly over your dog's collar, providing an extra layer of safety without compromising on comfort. The flush design means it's less likely to hang up in cover, allowing your pet to move freely and explore its surroundings with confidence.

The FieldKing Traveling Stainless Steel Nameplate offers a choice of size loop options – 3/4 inch or 1 inch, making it suitable for a wide range of collar sizes. Personalize your nameplate with your choice of large type (18 characters per line) or small type (26 characters per line), giving you ample space to include all the vital information you need.

With four lines of customizable text, you can easily add your contact details and any additional information that could be helpful in case of an emergency. The clear, easy-to-read lettering ensures that your dog's details are always visible and accessible, giving you peace of mind during your outdoor adventures.


Large Lettering has room for four lines of typeface. Each line has a set number of characters, including available spaces:

Line 1 - 18 characters
Line 2 - 18 characters
Line 3 - 18 characters
Line 4 - 18 characters

Small Inch Lettering has room for four lines of typeface. The following number of characters, including spaces, are available:

Line 1 - 26 characters
Line 2 - 26 characters
Line 3 - 26 characters
Line 4 - 26 characters

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FieldKing Traveling STAINLESS STEEL Nameplate Q&A

What is the main purpose of the FieldKing Traveling Stainless Steel Nameplate?
To provide local information for your dog's collar during hunting trips, field trials, or visits.
What makes this stainless steel nameplate different from regular riveted plates?
It slides over the collar and is less likely to hang up in cover.
Can I request different loop sizes for the nameplate?
Yes, you can choose between 1-inch and 3/4-inch loops.
How many lines of typeface can I add to the nameplate?
You can add up to four lines of typeface.
Is there a variety of lettering size options available?
Yes, there are large and 1/16-inch lettering options.
What are the dimensions of the nameplate?
It measures 3/4-inch tall by 3 1/4-inch wide.
Is the FieldKing nameplate durable?
Yes, the nameplate is made of stainless steel for durability.
Can the nameplate be used for other pets?
It is designed for dogs but may work for other pets with a suitable collar size.
Does the nameplate have a high visibility?
Yes, the customizable lettering options provide high visibility.
Is the nameplate easy to put on and take off?
Yes, it is designed to easily slide on and off the collar.

Item Specifications

NameFieldKing Traveling Stainless Steel Nameplate
MaterialStainless Steel
UsageHunting, field trial, travel
AttachmentSlides over the collar
DesignFlush with dog's collar
Size3/4" tall by 3 1/4" wide (not including loops)
Loop Size Options1" loops (standard) or 3/4" loops (upon request)
Large Lettering4 lines, 18 characters per line (including spaces)
1/16 Inch Lettering4 lines, 26 characters per line (including spaces)

Secure Your Dog's Local Info with the FieldKing Traveling Stainless Steel Nameplate

The FieldKing Traveling Stainless Steel Nameplate is a perfect add-on for your dog's collar during hunting trips, field trials, or just when visiting. It is designed to slip on and sit flush with the collar, ensuring that it doesn't hang up in cover. With this stainless steel nameplate, you can have all the necessary local information in case an issue arises while enjoying the outdoors.

This durable stainless steel nameplate is customizable with large or 1/16-inch lettering, providing up to four lines of typeface for your dog's information, ensuring that it is easily visible when needed. The standard model uses 1-inch loops, but you can also request 3/4-inch loops without any change in price.

Not only does the FieldKing Traveling Stainless Steel Nameplate provide an additional layer of safety for your dog, but it also looks great on any collar. With its customizable features, it can match your style and needs, making it an excellent investment for responsible dog owners who love the outdoors.

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