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  • SportDog, Choke Chain, 4mm

SportDog, Choke Chain, 4mm

by SportDog Brand Item #: 901050-M
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Train your dog effectively with the SportDog Choke Chain Collar
The SportDog Choke Chain uses a 4mm chrome-plated chain in this convenient dog training slip collar.

This choke chain collar will assure that your dog receives quick and precise training correction every time.

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SportDog, Choke Chain, 4mm Q&A

What makes the SportDog Choke Chain Collar effective?
The 4mm chrome-plated chain and slip collar design provide quick and precise training correction.
What type of dogs can benefit from this collar?
Hunting dogs, bird dogs, retrievers, and gun dogs can benefit from using the SportDog Choke Chain Collar.
Is the collar durable?
Yes, the collar is made with a durable chain-style construction.
Can this collar be used in different environments?
Yes, it is field-ready for versatile training.
What size chain does the collar have?
The SportDog Choke Chain Collar uses a 4mm chain.
What material is the collar made of?
The collar is made of a 4mm chrome-plated chain.
Is the slip collar design convenient for training?
Yes, the slip collar design adds convenience for training purposes.
Will this collar work for both small and large dogs?
The collar is suitable for various dog breeds and sizes.
Can the collar be used for other training purposes besides hunting?
Yes, the SportDog Choke Chain Collar is versatile and can be used for various training situations.
Is the collar easy to put on and remove?
Yes, the slip collar design allows for easy placement and removal.

Item Specifications

Product TypeChoke Chain
MaterialChrome-plated chain
FunctionDog training slip collar
Training CorrectionQuick and precise
Alternate NamesBird dog choke chain collar, gun dog choke chain collar, hunting dog choke chain collar, retriever choke chain collar, steel dog collar, sportdog choke chain
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SportDog 4mm Choke Chain Collar for Effective Dog Training

Introducing the SportDog 4mm Choke Chain Collar, a perfect tool for effective and precise dog training. This chrome-plated slip collar is designed for quick correction, ensuring your dog's training is efficient.

The SportDog Choke Chain Collar, made with 4mm chrome-plated chain, is suitable for hunting dogs, bird dogs, retrievers, and gun dogs, providing seamless training experiences. Its sturdy chain style construction guarantees durability.

This SportDog Choke Chain Collar is built for convenience and effectiveness, allowing you to train your dog with confidence. Its field-ready design makes it an essential tool for training in various environments.

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