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  • Boyt, Ultimate Sportsmans Duffel

Boyt, Ultimate Sportsmans Duffel

by Boyt Harness Company Item #: 1262420-M
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Experience Convenience and Style with the Ultimate Sportsman's Duffel!
$129.99 - $159.99$129.99
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Designed by hunters for hunters, this is simply the best-thought-out duffel on the market.

The cargo-sized bag interior holds enough gear and clothing for a week. Roomy end pockets are great for gloves, hats, and other bulky items. Three zippered exterior pockets make finding shells, knives, and calls a snap. Web handle, web shoulder strap, and web end handle round out the features of these Boyt Ultimate Sportsman's Duffel Bags.
  • Waxed heavy-duty
  • Leather appointments and trim
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Two roomy end pockets
  • Three zippered exterior pockets

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Boyt, Ultimate Sportsmans Duffel Q&A

What is the main advantage of the Boyt Ultimate Sportsman's Duffel?
The main advantage is its ample storage and well-thought-out design, making it perfect for hunters.
What type of construction does the duffel have?
It has a waxed heavy-duty construction with leather appointments and trim.
Does the duffel have exterior pockets?
Yes, it has three zippered exterior pockets.
What are the roomy end pockets ideal for?
The roomy end pockets are great for gloves, hats, and other bulky items.
How easy is it to carry the duffel bag?
It has an adjustable web shoulder strap, web handle, and web end handle for easy transportation.
Does it hold enough clothes and gear for a week?
Yes, the cargo-sized bag interior can hold enough gear and clothing for a week.
What color is the duffel bag?
It has a classic green canvas exterior.
What is the purpose of the leather appointments and trim?
They provide a stylish and durable finish to the duffel bag.
Is the Boyt duffel ideal for traveling?
Yes, it is versatile and designed to handle travel and luggage requirements.
Can the duffel be used for purposes other than hunting?
Yes, it's versatile design makes it suitable for various travel purposes and adventures.

Item Specifications

DesignUltimate Sportsmans Duffel
Intended UseDesigned by hunters for hunters
Bag InteriorCargo-sized, holds enough gear and clothing for a week
End PocketsRoomy, great for gloves, hats, bulky items
Exterior PocketsThree zippered pockets for shells, knives, and calls
Handles & StrapsWeb handle, web shoulder strap, web end handle
MaterialWaxed heavy-duty canvas
Leather ComponentsAppointments and trim
Shoulder StrapAdjustable
UsageHunting, traveling

Boyt Ultimate Sportsmans Duffel: A Hunter's Choice for Convenience and Comfort

Discover the perfect travel companion in the versatile Boyt Ultimate Sportsman's Duffel. Designed by hunters, it provides ample storage for clothes, gear, and accessories, letting you enjoy your trip without worrying about space constraints. The duffel's roomy end pockets, zippered exterior pockets, and cargo-sized bag interior ensure that you always have room for your essentials.

Experience the mix of style, comfort, and durability with this high-quality duffel. Its waxed heavy-duty construction, leather appointments, and trim make it both functional and visually appealing. The green canvas duffel bag showcases a rugged charm that adds a classic touch to your adventures.

Feel the ease of transportation with the adjustable web shoulder strap, web handle, and web end handle provided with the Boyt duffel bag. These features make it simple to take your bag from one location to another, ensuring that your hunting experience is a hassle-free endeavor. With the Boyt Ultimate Sportsman's Duffel, you'll find peace of mind amidst nature's challenges.

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