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The Gunner's Flowered Shotgun Sling - a tasteful fusion of elegance, style, and practicality in a luxurious leather accessory. Enhance your hunting experience with this eye-catching and comfortable shotgun sling that is designed to make a bold statement on your hunting adventures.

Crafted from high-quality leather, the Flower Tooled Leather Shotgun Sling boasts an intricate and captivating floral pattern that distinguishes it from ordinary shotgun slings. Graceful leaves and blossoms adorn the entire length of the sling.

Featuring a leather slip-on design, this shotgun sling is perfect for those who prefer a no-fuss approach to their hunting gear. Simply slide the shotgun sling over the butt and barrel of your shotgun for a secure and snug fit, without the need for swivels. The adjustable strap ensures compatibility with almost any shotgun, enabling you to customize your carrying experience to suit your needs and preferences.

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Shotgun Sling, Flower Tooled, Leather Q&A

What is the design of the Gunner's Flowered Shotgun Sling?
The sling features tooled flowers and leaves for an elegant appearance.
What materials is the shotgun sling made of?
The sling is crafted using high-quality leather.
How does the sling attach to a shotgun?
It easily slips over the butt and barrel of the shotgun.
Is this shotgun sling adjustable?
Yes, the sling is adjustable to fit almost any shotgun.
Can this shotgun sling be used for waterfowl hunting?
Yes, it is suitable for waterfowl hunting.
Is the Gunner's Flowered Shotgun Sling suitable for ladies?
Yes, the sling is designed specifically with ladies in mind.
Does this shotgun sling have a swivel design?
No, the sling has a no swivel design for easy use.
What types of hunting can the sling be used for?
The sling is ideal for pheasant, quail, upland, and waterfowl hunting.
Which company manufactures the Gunner's Flowered Shotgun Sling?
The sling is manufactured by Hunter Company.
What type of gun accessory is this?
This is a hunting equipment accessory for carrying a shotgun comfortably and stylishly.

Item Specifications

StyleFlower Tooled
TypeShotgun Sling
DesignGunner's Flowered
CompatibilityAdjustable, fits almost any shotgun
Slip-onOver the butt and barrel of a shotgun
Suitable forLadies
No SwivelYes
FocusField and blind hunting
Upland Hunting CompatibilityYes
Waterfowl Hunting CompatibilityYes
Pheasant Hunting CompatibilityYes
Quail Hunting CompatibilityYes
Hunting Test CompatibilityYes
NAHRA CompatibilityYes
ClassificationHunting equipment, gun accessory

Gunner's Flowered Leather Shotgun Sling: Style Meets Function

Introducing the Gunner's Flowered Shotgun Sling, an exquisite leather accessory designed with the ladies in mind. This eye-catching sling not only looks beautiful with its intricate flower and leaf tooling, but also offers optimal comfort and functionality for any hunting trip.

Elevate your hunting experience with this stylish and versatile shotgun sling. Designed to slip easily over the butt and barrel of almost any shotgun, this adjustable sling ensures a secure and comfortable carry in the field or en route to the blind.

With the Gunner's Flowered Shotgun Sling, there's no need to compromise on aesthetics or functionality. Crafted from high-quality leather, the sling's durability and practicality make it an essential accessory to add to your hunting equipment collection.

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