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  • Avery, Floating Check Cord, 1/2" X 30'

Avery, Floating Check Cord, 1/2" X 30'

by Avery Item #: 903062-02170
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High-quality Floating Check Cord
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The Avery Floating Check Cord - the best accessory for enhancing your dog training experience. Designed with exceptional quality and effectiveness in mind, this 1/2" x 30' floating check cord is the perfect tool for any dog training enthusiast, especially those who frequent water environments.

Avery is a renowned brand in the world of waterfowl products, and their expertise is evident in this high-quality Floating Check Cord. Crafted with blaze orange polypropylene rope, this cord offers unparalleled visibility, ensuring you never lose sight of your canine companion during training sessions. The solid brass snap and leather reinforced collar provide unmatched durability, ensuring this check cord will endure countless training sessions on the water.

With a generous length of 30 feet, the Avery Floating Check Cord allows for greater control at an increased distance. This makes it an essential addition to your dog training gear, whether you're a professional trainer or a dedicated amateur. The check cord is versatile, suitable for use as a drag rope, dog training rope, or even as a leash for leisurely strolls.

The Avery Floating Check Cord is proudly brought to you by Avery Sporting Dog, a trusted name in the realm of check cords, leads, and leashes. Elevate your dog training sessions with this remarkable, tangle-free check cord, and invest in the best for your bird dog.

Color: Orange
  • High-visibility blaze orange polypropylene rope
  • Rope floats to prevent hang-ups
  • Solid brass thumb-slide snap hook
  • Leather reinforcement collar

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Avery, Floating Check Cord, 1/2" X 30' Q&A

Is the Avery Floating Check Cord easy to spot in the water?
Yes, the bright blaze orange color ensures high visibility.
What is the length of the Avery Floating Check Cord?
The cord measures 30' long, providing greater control at extended distances.
Does the Avery cord remain durable in water conditions?
Yes, it's made using long-lasting materials like polypropylene rope, solid brass snap, and leather-reinforced collar.
Why should I choose the Avery Floating Check Cord for my dog's training?
Avery is a renowned brand known for quality waterfowl products and high-performing dog training gear.
Is the Avery Floating Check Cord resistant to tangling?
Yes, as the polypropylene rope floats, it helps prevent hang-ups and tangling.
Does this check cord come with a snap hook?
Yes, the Avery Floating Check Cord features a solid brass thumb-slide snap hook.
What size is the Avery Floating Check Cord?
The check cord is 1/2" wide and 30' long.
Can I use the Avery Floating Check Cord for bird dog training?
Yes, this check cord works perfectly for bird dog training.
What type of snap does the Avery Floating Check Cord have?
The Avery Floating Check Cord has a solid brass thumb-slide snap.
What are some other common names for check cords?
Some other common names include bird dog training check cords, retriever check cords, and hunting dog training check cords.

Item Specifications

Product TypeFloating Check Cord
Dimensions1/2" x 30'
MaterialHigh-visibility blaze orange polypropylene rope
Floating PropertyRope floats to prevent hang-ups
Snap HookSolid brass thumb-slide snap hook
Collar DetailsLeather reinforcement collar
Applications/UsesBird dog training, hunting dog training, retriever training, gundog training
Designed for Control at Greater Distance30' length
QualitySolid core, no whip, tangle-free, stiff

Avery Floating Check Cord: Durable & High-Visibility Dog Training Tool

Elevate your dog training experience with the Avery Floating Check Cord. Made from durable high-visibility blaze orange polypropylene rope, its floatable design makes it perfect for water training. Discover its long-lasting components, such as a solid brass snap and leather reinforced collar, ensuring it lasts through multiple sessions on the water.

Say goodbye to tangled cords and difficult water training. The Avery Floating Check Cord boasts a 30' length, allowing for more control at greater distances. Its solid brass thumb-slide snap hook means easier handling, adding to the convenience and practicality of this amazing training tool.

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