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Experience a new level of dog training with the Mendota Super Cord/Check Cord in Hi-Viz Yellow. This top-quality product, from the trusted name in gun dog supply, Mendota Products, is designed to enhance your training sessions and help you achieve better results.

The Super Cord/Check Cord is crafted with superior quality materials, offering a perfect balance of stiffness for easy coiling and a hard finish that resists picking up burrs. The result? A tangle-free check cord that provides a smooth, hassle-free experience in every training session.

One of the standout features of this product is its buoyancy. It's not just a cord - it's a floating cord! This feature makes it an ideal accessory for water training, helping your dog develop their swimming skills while providing added versatility to your training regimen.

Available in lengths of 7/16" X 30' and 7/16" X 50', the Mendota Super Cord/Check Cord provides flexibility to meet your specific training needs. The Hi-Viz Yellow color ensures high visibility, even in low light conditions, adding an extra layer of safety to your training sessions.

From pro trainers to dog owners looking to boost their pet's skills, the Mendota Super Cord/Check Cord is a superior choice. It outperforms standard check ropes and cords on the market with its unique combination of functionality, durability, and innovative design.

The Mendota Super Cord/Check Cord in Hi-Viz Yellow is more than a check cord. It's a game-changer in dog training gear. Experience the difference today and take your training sessions to the next level.

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Mendota, Super Cord/Check Cord, Hi-Viz Yellow Q&A

Will this cord float in water?
Yes, the Mendota Super Cord/Check Cord floats for water training.
Is the cord available in different lengths?
Yes, the Mendota Super Cord/Check Cord is available in 30 and 50 foot lengths.
What makes this check cord stand out?
The superior material properties - no stretch, perfect stiffness, hard finish, and floating ability make it stand out.
Is the Mendota Check Cord suitable for professional trainers?
Yes, the cord is suitable for both professional trainers and enthusiasts.
Does the cord tangle easily?
The Mendota Super Cord/Check Cord is designed to be tangle-free.
What is the main purpose of the Mendota Check Cord?
It is designed to provide optimal performance in dog training, especially bird and gun dog training.
Can I use the Mendota Check Cord with other dog training brands?
Yes, it is compatible with FieldKing and other dog training brands.
What is the color of the Mendota Super Cord/Check Cord?
It comes in a bright Hi-Viz Yellow color for high visibility.
Will the cord pick up burrs during fieldwork?
The hard finish of the Mendota Super Cord/Check Cord is designed to reduce burr pick-up.
Is the cord's stiffness suitable for coiling?
Yes, the perfect stiffness of the Mendota Super Cord/Check Cord allows for easy coiling.

Item Specifications

Product NameSuper Cord/Check Cord
ColorHi-Viz Yellow
Material PropertiesNo stretch, perfect stiffness, hard finish
FloatsYes, for water training
Suited for TrainingBird dog, gun dog, hunting dog, and pro trainer
PerformanceBest in check cord performance
Available Lengths30 foot and 50 foot cord leads
Product UsesDog training gear, dog training rope
Compatible with FieldKingYes
Designed not to pick up burrsYes
Can be coiledYes

Mendota's Super Cord/Check Cord in Hi-Viz Yellow: Revolutionizing Training Gear

Enhance your dog training sessions with Mendota's Super Cord/Check Cord in Hi-Viz Yellow. This cord boasts exceptional material properties, making it the top choice for trainers who demand superior performance. Its outstanding features include no stretch, perfect stiffness, hard finish, and buoyancy.

Engineered for excellence, Mendota's Super Cord/Check Cord ensures optimal performance in water training and fieldwork. Its vibrant Hi-Viz Yellow color makes it highly visible, while its hard finish reduces burr pick-up, making it an unbeatable training tool.

With Mendota's Check Cord, you'll experience a new level of training efficiency. Designed for pros and amateurs alike, this Super Cord multitasks as a leash, line, and check cord - simplifying your training gear while providing unrivaled performance.

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