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  • Retriever Training Book by Tom Dokken

Retriever Training Book by Tom Dokken

by Dokken Dog Supply, Inc. Item #: 1251001-55501
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Transform Your Hunting Dog with Tom Dokken's Training
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Unleash your hunting dog's full potential with the Retriever Training Book by Tom Dokken. This comprehensive guide will revolutionize the way you train your retriever, transforming it into a reliable and obedient companion that works to your commands both on- and off-leash.

Tom Dokken, known as America's leading trainer, shares his time-tested methods that guarantee exceptional results. With this book, your retriever will master skills such as retrieving birds to hand, remaining steady to shot, quartering and flushing upland game, finding downed birds, and understanding hand signals.

This book is not just for labrador retrievers, it's a must-have for all hunting dog owners. Whether you're starting with gundog training or looking for advanced techniques, Tom Dokken's Retriever Training book will be your go-to guide. This book, unlike the common 'labrador retrievers for dummies' guides, provides detailed, expert advice, steering clear of generic tips.

What sets this book apart is its unique focus on ensuring your dog not only works for you the way you want but does so happily. The training methods are designed not just for obedience but also to help your retriever enjoy the process, making your hunting trips more productive and enjoyable for both of you.

Master retriever training with Tom Dokken's book and experience the joy of owning a hunting dog that is not only efficient and loyal but also a joyful companion in the field.

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Retriever Training Book by Tom Dokken Q&A

What will my dog learn from this book?
Your dog will learn to obey commands, retrieve birds to hand, remain steady during the shot, quarter and flush upland game, find downed birds, and take hand signals.
Who is Tom Dokken?
Tom Dokken is America's leading retriever trainer and founder of Dokken Dog Supply, Inc.
Is this book suitable for all retriever breeds?
Yes, this book is perfect for all retriever breeds, including labradors, golden retrievers, and Chesapeake Bay retrievers.
Can my dog learn on- and off-leash obedience from this book?
Yes, Tom Dokken's Retriever Training teaches on- and off-leash obedience techniques.
Will my dog become steady during the shot after the training?
Yes, your dog will learn to remain steady during the shot after mastering the methods in this book.
Can this book help improve my dog's upland game skills?
Yes, this book teaches your retriever to effectively quarter and flush upland game.
Do I need any additional training supplies?
The book provides a comprehensive guide to training, and any additional supplies can likely be found at Dokken Dog Supply, Inc.
Does the book help with waterfowl dog training?
Yes, the techniques in this book are applicable to waterfowl dog training.
How does this book improve my dog's downed bird finding ability?
The training methods presented in the book will teach your dog how to efficiently locate downed birds.
What makes Tom Dokken's methods unique?
Tom Dokken's methods are time-tested, coming from years of experience as America's leading retriever trainer, ensuring success in training your dog.

Item Specifications

Extracted AttributesDetails
AuthorTom Dokken
TitleRetriever Training
Main ObjectiveTo channel your hunting dog's ambitions so it works for you, the way you want, and does so happily
Expected OutcomesObeys commands on- and off-leash, retrieves birds to hand, remains steady to shot, quarters and flushes upland game, finds downed birds, takes hand signals
Related Books/TopicsLabrador retriever training books, retriever training supplies, waterfowl dog training book, gundog training books, training your labrador retriever
Specifically Mentioned Breeds/Types of RetrieverLabrador retriever, Chesapeake Bay retriever, golden retriever

Tom Dokken's Retriever Training Book: Unleash Your Hunting Dog's Potential

Discover the secrets to having a well-trained hunting dog with Tom Dokken's Retriever Training Book. This comprehensive guide offers time-tested methods to help your dog become a reliable and obedient partner in the field. With Dokken's guidance, your dog will learn to obey commands both on- and off-leash, retrieve birds to hand, and remain steady during the shot.

Unleash your dog's potential with this training book, as it teaches your retriever to effectively quarter and flush upland game, find downed birds, and even take hand signals. Trust America's leading trainer as he imparts his wisdom on transforming your dog into the best it can be, ensuring you and your canine companion enjoy wonderful experiences in the great outdoors.

Obtain amazing results with the retriever training techniques presented by Tom Dokken. As the founder of Dokken Dog Supply, Inc., he offers invaluable expertise to bring out the best in your retriever. Don't miss this golden opportunity to create a meaningful bond with your dog while enhancing its performance in the field.

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