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FieldKing Whoa Hitch

by FieldKing Item #: 1001000-10030
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The FieldKing Whoa Hitch is a great multi-purpose tool. First and foremost it will help you steady your gun dog around birds with instant correction in all the right places simultaneously. You can also use the Whoa Hitch as a short lead that will attach to a belt loop for hands-free control of your dog. Depending upon the size of the dog, they should be able to run with the Whoa Hitch attached. Once they have established a point the FieldKing Whoa Hitch allows the handler the ability to make instant corrections and have complete control of the dog.

No longer struggle to try to get a handle on your dog, the Whoa Hitch makes it simple and convenient.

The FieldKing Whoa Hitch is made with the same great material that we use to make our FieldKing "Almost Famous" Check Cords so you know the quality is the best.

Comes in either Orange or White rope, depending upon what we have available.

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