• FieldKing "Almost Famous" 20 Foot Check Cords, Orange
  • FieldKing "Almost Famous" 20 Foot Check Cords, Orange
  • FieldKing "Almost Famous" 20 Foot Check Cords, Orange
  • FieldKing "Almost Famous" 20 Foot Check Cords, Orange

FieldKing "Almost Famous" 20 Foot Check Cords, Orange

by FieldKing Item #: 1001005-00030
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Improve your dog's training with our solid, tangle-free check cord
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The FieldKing "Almost Famous" 20 Foot Check Cord in vibrant Orange - the best solution for effective and hassle-free dog training. Expertly designed to optimize your training sessions, this high-quality check cord ensures you have complete control while allowing your dog the freedom to explore and learn.

Crafted with a solid core just shy of 1/2" in diameter, this robust and durable check cord is built to withstand the test of time. The ends of the cord are meticulously dipped and sealed in a rubber compound, ensuring they remain fray-free and maintain a polished appearance.

Say goodbye to tangled cords and frustrating training sessions, as the stiffness of the FieldKing check cord ensures minimal tangling and prevents any whipping on the trailing end. This feature makes it an exceptional choice as a drag rope, providing a smooth and efficient training experience.

The perfect thickness of this check cord allows for a steady grip, ensuring you maintain control even when your dog is full of energy and enthusiasm. The bright orange color guarantees high visibility, making it easy to spot during those early morning or late evening training sessions.

For those seeking a custom length, explore the DOGS Unlimited Custom Shop Custom "Almost Famous" Check Cord Section to find the perfect fit for you and your dog's needs.

Upgrade your dog training gear with the FieldKing "Almost Famous" 20 Foot Check Cord, and experience the benefits of a tangle-free, reliable and efficient training tool.
  • Solid core for stiffness
  • 20 feet long
  • Solid brass snap attached with bowline knot

Customer Reviews

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FieldKing "Almost Famous" 20 Foot Check Cords, Orange Q&A

What is the diameter of the cord?
Just shy of 1/2 inch.
Is it suitable as a drag rope?
Yes, its design makes it an excellent choice for use as a drag rope.
Can the cord be customized?
For custom lengths, check out the DOGS Unlimited Custom Shop Custom 'Almost Famous' Check Cord Section.
How is the cord attached to a dog's collar?
The cord features a solid brass snap attached with a bowline knot for easy and secure attachment to a collar.
What type of training is this cord best suited for?
This cord is ideal for bird dog, gundog, retriever, and hunting dog training.
Will the cord easily tangle?
No, it is specifically designed to be tangle-free and prevent whipping during training.
What is the function of the rubber compound on the ends?
The rubber compound is used to seal the ends and prevent them from fraying or becoming unsightly.
Can I find this cord in different colors?
Currently, this specific cord is available in orange for easy visibility during training.
Is the cord easy to grip?
Yes, its thickness is perfect for holding the rope steady, even with an inspired dog on the other end.
Will the cord fray easily?
No, the ends are dipped and sealed in a rubber compound to prevent fraying and ensure durability.

Item Specifications

Product Name"Almost Famous" 20 Foot Check Cords
Length20 feet
DiameterJust shy of 1/2"
EndsDipped and sealed in rubber compound
Tangle and Whip ResistantYes
Suitable ForDog training, drag ropes, hunting
Snap MaterialSolid brass
Snap AttachmentAttached with bowline knot
Customization OptionsAvailable through DOGS Unlimited Custom Shop

FieldKing 'Almost Famous' 20 Foot Check Cord - Tangle-free, Solid Core Dog Training Rope

Improve your dog's training sessions with the FieldKing 'Almost Famous' 20 foot Check Cord, designed to enhance control and prevent tangling. The solid core ensures stiffness, perfect for maintaining grip even with an excited animal.

Upgrade your training game with our FieldKing 'Almost Famous' Check Cord, which offers superior performance for dog handlers. The 20 foot length allows ample room for various training styles, while the brass snap and bowline knot attachment make it easy to secure to your dog's collar.

Our FieldKing 'Almost Famous' Check Cord is made with a bright orange color for easy visibility during training sessions. With rubber compound dipped and sealed ends, you won't have to worry about fraying or damage to the cord.