• Alfa Starter Pistol

Alfa Starter Pistol

by Trail Blazin Innovations Item #: 1100210-M
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The Alfa 209 Primer pistol and the .22 and .32 caliber blank pistols are rugged and reliable with bright orange grips made of a high-impact polymer. The Z-MAC zinc-aluminum frame with a rust-resistant blued finish and the high-strength heat-treated steel parts promise trouble-free usage. Thanks to the automated drop safety lock and machine-tooled steel double-action-trigger mechanism, the revolvers are safe. The orange cap on the barrel is a reminder that the revolver is not a firearm.

The 6 Shot swing-out cylinder with shell extractor allows easy loading and unloading. Designed with a lanyard ring for security!

Comes complete with a carrying case and cylinder cleaning brush.

209 Primer Blank Pistol - 209 primer ammunition is required.
.22 Caliber Blank Pistol - .22 caliber ammunition is required.
.32 Caliber Blank Pistol - .32 caliber ammunition is required.

The Alfa Starter Pistol fits very nicely in the Size 29 Snap-off Holster and the Nylon Holster.


This warranty will be retroactive.

Therefore, your customers from today forward will not have to pay for any repairs for an ALFA starter pistol.

Any units that need repair should be sent to

Elite Custom Guns
2522 Tranquil Way
Sevierville, TN 37876-0170


[email protected]

The purchaser must notify the Elite Custom Guns service department, in writing or by e-mail stating the difficulty experienced and the date and place of original purchase.

Excluded from this warranty are malfunctions caused by misuse or abuse of the starter revolver, damage due to lack of proper cleaning and maintenance, unauthorized modification, adjustments, or repairs, shipping damages, careless handling, normal wear and tear, and defective or improperly loaded ammunition or corrosion.

Alfa-Proj's responsibility under this warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of the revolver. Responsibility or liability for damage to property other than the revolver, personal injury or death, or consequential damages is SPECIFICALLY EXCLUDED.
  • Swing-out cylinder
  • Double Action Trigger
  • Orange grips
  • Lanyard Ring
  • 6 Shot

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