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  • Mud River Dog Products, Crate Cushion, Brown

Mud River Dog Products, Crate Cushion, Brown

by Mud River Item #: 1262100-M
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Experience Ultimate Comfort with Mud River Crate Cushion
$24.95 - $36.95$24.95
Indulge your canine companion with the luxury of the Mud River Crate Cushion - a top-notch product from the esteemed Mud River Dog Products brand. Designed to offer exceptional comfort and sturdiness, this crate cushion instantly transforms any journey into a plush experience for your canine.

Built with a 1200D Nylon upper material, the cushion feels soft to the touch yet robust enough to ensure your dog's comfort during transit. The bottom layer is made from a 2-ply infused 1200D poly, coated with a water-resistant layer, ensuring your dog stays dry even in wet conditions.

Ideal for hunting dogs, this brown crate cushion is regarded as one of the best dog beds on the market. The robust construction coupled with strategic whip-stitching ensures its durability, capable of withstanding years of use.

Available in Small, Medium/Large and Extra Large/Jumbo sizes, this crate cushion is perfect for every breed. Experience the unique combination of comfort, durability, and protection that the Mud River Crate Cushion has to offer. This cushion is designed to meet all your dog's needs, making it a truly versatile and functional addition to your canine's accessories.

Size Chart

Small26 x 16 x .5
Medium/Large30 x 18 x .5
X-Large/Jumbo32 x 22 x .5

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Mud River Dog Products, Crate Cushion, Brown Q&A

What material is used for the upper part of the crate cushion?
The upper material is made of 1200D Nylon.
Is the Mud River Crate Cushion water-resistant?
Yes, it has a water-resistant coating for protection against wet conditions.
What type of stitching is used to bond the cushion materials?
Whip-stitching is used to bond the two materials.
Which type of dogs is this crate cushion suitable for?
It is ideal for hunting dogs, but can be used for any type of dog.
Can the cushion be easily cleaned?
Yes, the materials used make it easy to clean and maintain.
Will this crate cushion fit most crate sizes?
Yes, it is designed to fit a variety of crate sizes.
What is the maximum protection feature of the cushion?
The cushion has an industrial-grade bottom for maximum protection.
Can this crate cushion withstand rough conditions?
Yes, it is built to withstand rough conditions and abuse.
How does this crate cushion enhance the dog's rest and recovery?
It offers a comfortable and durable surface for the dog to rest on during travel, ensuring they are ready for any activity.
Apart from hunting dogs, can it be used for other dog breeds?
Yes, although designed for hunting dogs, it is suitable for all types of dogs.

Item Specifications

BrandMud River Dog Products
ProductCrate Cushion
Upper Material1200D Nylon
Bottom Material2-ply infused 1200D poly with water-resistant coating
FeaturesComfortable, strong, and water-resistant
Construction1200D Nylon upper & industrial grade bottom
Additional InformationWhip-stitching for bonding and durability

Experience Ultimate Comfort & Durability with Mud River Dog Products Crate Cushion

Introducing the top quality Mud River Crate Cushion, specifically designed for both comfort and durability. This unique cushion will ensure your dog has an enjoyable ride and is ready to perform upon arrival. With the 1200D Nylon Upper and industrial-grade bottom material, it offers maximum protection and is ideal for any adventure with your canine companion.

Mud River Dog Products are renowned for supplying the market with some of the most outstanding gear for your dog. This Crate Cushion is no exception as it features a water-resistant coating and a comfortable yet robust surface for your dog to rest on. The whip-stitching bonds the two materials together, allowing for the greatest levels of abuse.

Give your dog the crate cushion it deserves with this high-quality Mud River Crate Cushion. Made with reliable and long-lasting materials, it is perfect for protecting your dog against wet conditions during travel, ensuring they arrive comfortable and ready for any activity.

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