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  • Custom FieldKing Puppy Check Cord
  • Custom FieldKing Puppy Check Cord
  • Custom FieldKing Puppy Check Cord
  • Custom FieldKing Puppy Check Cord

Custom FieldKing Puppy Check Cord

by FieldKing Item #: 1001935-20000
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Introducing Custom Length Puppy Check Cords
In stock
Announcing, by popular demand, the FieldKing Puppy Check Cord at any length you would like. The DOGS Unlimited Custom Shop will make your FieldKing Puppy Check Cord in any length with an assortment of snap attachments.

Made from exactly the same 1/4" check cord material as our standard Puppy Check Cords.



We strive to do the best that we can do in every aspect of our business, and the DOGS Unlimited Custom Shop is no different. However, when you order from the Custom Shop we are making a product just for you -- to your specifications and your dimensions. So, because a custom order is just that -- CUSTOM-- we will not be able to offer our return policy for any item that comes out of the DOGS Unlimited Custom Shop.



We anticipate that your custom order will take approximately 10 - 14 days from the day you ordered it to be manufactured and shipped to you. If we get it made sooner you'll receive it sooner.

If your custom order is part of a larger order, we'll send you all of the in-stock merchandise as soon as that part of the order is filled, then send along the custom order once it has been completed. That way you can get to the task of making your good dog better faster.

Also, all custom orders that are shipped separately from a larger order will be shipped via the lowest cost carrier unless otherwise instructed by the customer. If you would like it faster please give us a call and let us know. There may be an additional shipping charge added to your order for this service.

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Custom FieldKing Puppy Check Cord Q&A

What is the custom FieldKing Puppy Check Cord made of?
The cord is made from the same 1/4" check cord material as standard Puppy Check Cords.
How long does it take for the custom order to be made and shipped?
It takes approximately 10-14 days for the production and shipping of custom orders.
Can I return a custom order if I am not satisfied?
Custom orders are non-returnable, as they are crafted for individual specifications.
What snap attachments are available for the custom FieldKing Puppy Check Cord?
The DOGS Unlimited Custom Shop offers an assortment of snap attachments for your cord.
Is expedited shipping available for custom orders?
Yes, contact us to arrange for faster shipping at an additional cost if desired.
How does a custom cord improve the puppy training experience?
A custom cord provides better control and allows for more effective communication during training.
Do custom orders affect overall pricing?
Custom orders may have a different price than standard orders, depending on individual preferences.
How do I order a FieldKing Puppy Check Cord with custom length?
Order through DOGS Unlimited Custom Shop, specifying your desired length and snap attachments.
Does the custom order come with a guarantee?
The DOGS Unlimited Custom Shop guarantees top-notch quality tailored to your individual specifications.
If I have a larger order, will my custom order be shipped separately?
Yes, in-stock items will be shipped first, followed by the custom order once completed.

Item Specifications

ProductFieldKing Puppy Check Cord
Customizable LengthYes
Snap AttachmentsAssortment available
Material1/4" check cord material
Custom Shop GuaranteeNot eligible for return policy
Custom Production TimeApproximately 10 - 14 days
ShippingShipped via lowest cost carrier, unless specified
Popular DemandYes
DOGS Unlimited Custom ShopManufacturer and shipping
Custom Order ServiceAvailable with additional shipping charge (if faster)

Custom Length FieldKing Puppy Check Cord for Better Training

Introducing the highly anticipated custom length FieldKing Puppy Check Cord, tailored specifically to your needs. Experience improved puppy training with a check cord crafted with precision and high-quality materials, ensuring better control and effective communication.

The DOGS Unlimited Custom Shop goes beyond expectations, providing a variety of snap attachments for superior compatibility. Please note that custom orders are non-returnable, but we guarantee top-notch quality tailored to your individual specifications.

With a quick production time of 10-14 days, you'll receive your custom order faster than expected. For even faster shipping, give us a call and let us know your preferences. Upgrade your puppy training experience with the custom FieldKing Puppy Check Cord, and enjoy the benefits of a tailored training tool.

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