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Now for something just a little bit different. If you want to match your pistol lanyard to your whistle lanyard now is the time. These Custom FieldKing Pistol Lanyards feature a baby brass bolt snap on one end and a loop on the other. We offer the following colors that will match all of our FieldKing Whistle Lanyards -


These lanyards are approximately 31" long.

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Custom FieldKing Pistol Lanyards Q&A

What colors do the Custom FieldKing Pistol Lanyards come in?
They are available in black, red, yellow, blue, and green.
What type of attachment does the lanyard have?
It features a baby brass bolt snap on one end and a loop on the other.
How long is the Custom FieldKing Pistol Lanyard?
It is approximately 31 inches long.
Can I match the pistol lanyard to my whistle lanyard?
Yes, these lanyards are designed to match the FieldKing Whistle Lanyards.
What is the purpose of a pistol lanyard?
It helps secure your pistol and prevent accidental drops.
Are these lanyards customizable?
Yes, they are customizable to suit your personal style.
What material are the lanyards made of?
They are made of high-quality and durable materials.
Are these lanyards compatible with starter pistols?
Yes, they are suitable for use with starter pistols.
How do I attach the lanyard to my pistol?
You can use the baby brass bolt snap to attach it to your pistol.
Are these lanyards suitable for outdoor usage?
Yes, they are designed to withstand outdoor conditions.

Item Specifications

ProductCustom FieldKing Pistol Lanyards
Special FeatureMatch with whistle lanyards
AttachmentsBaby brass bolt snap and loop
Available ColorsBlack, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green
LengthApproximately 31" long
Related ProductsFieldKing Whistle Lanyards
Customization OptionsLanyard color

Stand Out with Custom FieldKing Pistol Lanyards

Upgrade your gear with Custom FieldKing Pistol Lanyards that match your whistle lanyard perfectly, giving you a coordinated and professional appearance. Choose from various attractive colors including black, red, yellow, blue, and green to surely flaunt your personal style.

These Custom FieldKing Pistol Lanyards feature a baby brass bolt snap on one end and a loop on the other for easy attachment and detachment. Measuring approximately 31 inches long, they provide the ideal length for comfortable wear and swift handling.

Don't settle for ordinary accessories when you can personalize your gear with a customized pistol lanyard to truly make it your own. Order your Custom FieldKing Pistol Lanyard today and enhance your style and functionality.

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