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  • Rubber O-Ring

Rubber O-Ring

Item #: 1001298-00001
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Secure Your Blank Gun with Rubber O-Ring
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We've learned over the years that these cylinder pins have a way of coming loose from the pin release, resulting in loss of the pin or the cylinder or both. The rubber O-Ring will help prevent this from happening so you and your good dog can continue with your training session.

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Rubber O-Ring Q&A

What is the primary purpose of the Rubber O-Ring?
The main purpose is to secure cylinder pins, preventing pin and cylinder loss during training sessions.
Is the Rubber O-Ring easy to use?
Yes, it is straightforward to use and install.
Does the Rubber O-Ring help with uninterrupted training sessions?
Yes, it aids in preventing interruptions caused by pin or cylinder loss.
What type of accessory does the Rubber O-Ring fall under?
It falls under Blank Pistol Accessories.
Is the Rubber O-Ring durable and long-lasting?
Yes, it is made with high-quality materials for durability and longevity.
Does the Rubber O-Ring support effective training?
Yes, it supports effective training by ensuring blank pistols function smoothly.
Can you use the Rubber O-Ring with any blank pistol?
It is intended for use with Blank Pistol Accessories and is compatible with most blank pistols.
Will the Rubber O-Ring give me peace of mind during activities?
Yes, it provides security and allows you to focus on your dog's performance without worry.
What type of dog is this product suitable for?
It's suitable for all dogs undergoing training sessions with a blank pistol.
How many Rubber O-Rings come in one package?
One Rubber O-Ring is included in each package.

Item Specifications

TypeRubber O-Ring
UseSecure cylinder pins
Issue AddressedPrevent loss of pin and cylinder
Suitable ActivityTraining sessions
Alternative NamesBlank gun pin holder, blank gun pin securer, blank gun pin retainer, rubber o-ring, training cylinder pins

High-Quality Rubber O-Ring for Blank Pistol Accessories

Ensure your training sessions with your lovely canine companion continue smoothly with the help of our Rubber O-Ring. This product is perfect for securing cylinder pins in place and preventing pin loss.

Our Rubber O-Ring is designed to be a reliable pin holder, keeping your blank gun safe from pin and cylinder loss. Spend quality time with your dedicated dog without having to worry about any interruptions to your activity.

Made with quality materials, the Rubber O-Ring functions as an effective pin retainer, providing support to your blank pistol and ensuring your training sessions are hassle-free. Trust in the durability of our product and focus on your dog's performance.

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