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Unleash your dog's hunting prowess with the National Scent Company's Training Scents. Specifically designed to enhance your dog's scenting abilities, our training scents are crafted with a unique blend of bird scents, including pheasant, grouse, quail, dove, and duck, providing a top-notch olfactory experience for your hunting companion.

Our training scents, favored by professional trainers and hailed as one of the best gun dog scent training supplies, have been proven to dramatically improve dogs' hunting skills. These potent scents, used in conjunction with training dummies, not only add realism to your training exercises but also stimulate your dog's natural instincts to seek out game bird scents.

Using our training scents is simple: apply a drop or two to any training dummy and watch your dog's nose lead them straight to the source. Available in a generous 4 fluid oz size, our scents are sure to last through many training sessions.

Choose from a broad range of species options such as Quail, Pheasant, Grouse, Duck, and Dove to customize the training experience for your dog. Invest in the National Scent Company's Training Scents today and unlock your dog's full potential as a skilled hunter. With our training scents, your dog's hunting skills will be in fine feather.

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National Scent Company, Training Scent Q&A

What size are the Training Scents?
The Training Scents are available in 4 fluid oz containers.
What types of dummies can I use the scent on?
You can use the scent on Dokken Dead Fowl Trainers, Avery Hexabumpers, Knobby Dummies, and canvas dummies.
How many drops of Training Scent should be applied?
It is recommended to add just a drop or two of the scent on the training dummy.
What kind of benefits can I expect from using Training Scents?
Using Training Scents can improve your dog's hunting skills, scent tracking abilities, and enhance realism during dummy exercises.
How does the scent help in dog training?
It reinforces your dog's natural instinct to use their nose and seek specific game bird scents.
What kind of game bird scents are available?
Scents options include pheasant, quail, dove, duck, and grouse.
Are Training Scents suitable for all levels of training?
Yes, Training Scents are suitable for both beginner and advanced dog training exercises.
Do I need any additional supplies for scent training?
No, you only need a training dummy and the Training Scent.
How do I apply the scent to a training dummy?
Simply add a drop or two of the scent onto the training dummy before use.
Can Training Scents enhance my dog's overall hunting abilities?
Yes, training with these scents will improve your dog's ability to find downed birds during hunting season.

Item Specifications

ProductTraining Scents
BrandNational Scent Company
UsesDeveloping dog's sense of smell, hunting dog training, finding downed birds
Suitable for Professional TrainersYes
ApplicationAdd a few drops to a training dummy
Compatible Training DummiesDokken Dead Fowl Trainer, Avery Hexabumper, Knobby Dummy, Canvas Dummies
Size4 fluid oz
Scents AvailablePheasant, Bird Dog, Bumper, Canvas Dummy, Dove, Duck, Grouse, Gun Dog, Hunting Dog, Quail, Retriever, Scent Injector, Upland
StrengthVery potent, only requires a drop or two

Maximize Your Dog's Scent Tracking Abilities with National Scent Company's Training Scents

National Scent Company's Training Scents have been trusted by professional trainers for years to develop the scent tracking abilities of dogs. Simply apply a few drops onto a training dummy and watch your dog's nose go to work.

Enhance your dog's hunting prowess by incorporating Training Scents into your dummy exercises. Add realism and reinforce your dog's natural instinct to seek specific game bird scents.

These highly potent Training Scents are ideal for use on Dokken Dead Fowl Trainers, Avery Hexabumpers, Knobby Dummies, and canvas dummies. With only a drop or two, you'll see immediate progress in your dog's scent tracking skills.

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