• National Scent Company, Training Scent

National Scent Company, Training Scent

Item #: 1070200-M
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Eyeing a training dummy is good practice for your dog, but enticing them to use their nose with our Training Scents from National Scent Company will also increase their ability to find downed birds come hunting season. These training scents have been used by professional trainers for years to develop dogs' sense of smell. Simply add a few drops of Training Scent to any training dummy and watch your dog's reaction when they get into the scent cone.

Add realism to your training dummy exercises by adding Training Scent to the situation. Reinforce your dog's natural instinct to use his nose and seek a specific game bird scent.

Very potent so only add a drop or two to a Dokken Dead Fowl Trainer, Avery Hexabumper, Knobby Dummy, or any of our canvas dummies.

Size - 4 fluid oz

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