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  • Brass Swat Rivets (6 sets per pack)

Brass Swat Rivets (6 sets per pack)

Item #: 1178020-00001
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Easily Attach Your Dog's Nameplate with Brass Swat Rivets
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Used to attach the DOGS Unlimited Solid Brass Nameplates to your good dog's collar.

These are the same solid brass swat rivets we use to attach the nameplates to your collars here in the shop. We list them separately as we have had numerous calls for extra rivets. No special tools are required, a hammer will do nicely. Package comes with instructions.

Contents - 6 sets (1 cap and 1 post per set), enough to attach 3 nameplates

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Brass Swat Rivets (6 sets per pack) Q&A

How many sets are included in each pack?
Each pack contains 6 sets.
What tools are needed to attach the rivets?
Only a hammer is needed.
What material are the rivets made from?
The rivets are made from solid brass.
How many nameplates can be attached with one pack?
One pack is enough for attaching 3 nameplates.
Are instructions included for how to use the rivets?
Yes, clear instructions are included with each package.
Are these rivets suitable for all types of dog collars?
Yes, they can be used on various dog collar types.
Are these Brass Swat Rivets easy to use?
Absolutely, their simple design makes them very easy to use.
Can these rivets attach different kinds of nameplates?
Yes, they are suitable for various nameplate types.
Why do I need Brass Swat Rivets?
These rivets securely attach your dog's nameplate to their collar for added safety and identification.
Are these rivets durable and long-lasting?
Yes, they are designed for durability, ensuring a long-lasting attachment.

Item Specifications

Product NameBrass Swat Rivets
Quantity per Pack6 sets
MaterialSolid Brass
UseAttaching Brass Nameplates to a dog's collar
Application In-houseSame rivets used to attach nameplates at DOGS Unlimited
Special Tools RequiredNo, a hammer will work
Instructions IncludedYes
Contents6 sets (1 cap and 1 post per set)
Additional Units CoverageEnough to attach 3 nameplates
Alternate NamesCollar rivets, nameplate rivets, tag rivets, quick rivets, slap rivets, thin rivets, jiffy rivets, hammer rivets, dog collar nameplate rivets, dog tag rivets

Brass Swat Rivets: The Perfect Solution for Dog Collar Nameplate Attachment

Our Brass Swat Rivets (6 sets per pack) are the ultimate solution for attaching nameplates to your dog's collar. With their durable and high-quality design, you can trust these rivets to securely hold your dog's nameplate in place for years to come.

Forget about needing special tools or struggling with complicated attachments. With our Brass Swat Rivets, all you need is a hammer and the included instructions to easily attach your dog's nameplate to their collar. They make the process stress-free and efficient.

Sold in packs of 6 sets, each containing 1 cap and 1 post, our Brass Swat Rivets provide enough pieces to attach up to 3 nameplates. This versatile product has you covered, even if you need extra rivets for multiple collars or backup for peace of mind.

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