• Leather Shell Belt, 20 Gauge
  • Leather Shell Belt, 20 Gauge
  • Leather Shell Belt, 20 Gauge
  • Leather Shell Belt, 20 Gauge

Leather Shell Belt, 20 Gauge

by Hunter Company Item #: 1049071-M
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Secure Your Shotgun Shells with a Durable Leather Belt
This 20 Gauge Shell Belt is ideal for those situations when wearing a bulky vest is just too much, or all you need to do is get your shells to the blind. These belts are 2 1/2" wide and made from durable saddle leather with an oil finish to provide years of service.

Eighteen loops are supported with a buffer strip at the bottom so your shells will not fall through. Excellent craftsmanship. (Shells not included).

Made in the USA

Please add 2" to waist size to get proper measurement -

* Medium (34" - 39" Waist)
* Large (40" - 45" Waist)
* Extra Large (46" - 51" Waist)

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Leather Shell Belt, 20 Gauge Q&A

What's the purpose of the buffer strip at the bottom of the belt?
The buffer strip helps support the loops and prevents shells from falling through.
What material is the shell belt made of?
The shell belt is made from durable saddle leather.
How wide are the belts?
The belts are 2 1/2" wide.
How many loops does the belt have?
The belt has 18 loops.
What type of shells does this belt accommodate?
The belt accommodates 20 gauge shotgun shells.
Is this belt suitable for waterfowl hunting?
Yes, the belt is ideal for both upland and waterfowl hunting.
What type of finish does the leather have?
The leather has an oil finish.
How can I ensure the belt fits me properly?
You should add 2" to your waist size to determine the proper belt size.
Are the shells included with the belt?
No, the shells are not included with the belt.
Where is the belt made?
The belt is made in the USA.

Item Specifications

Product NameLeather Shell Belt, 20 Gauge
MaterialDurable saddle leather with an oil finish
Belt Width2 1/2"
Number of LoopsEighteen
Additional FeatureBuffer strip at the bottom to support shells
Country of OriginMade in the USA
Sizing InstructionsAdd 2" to waist size to get proper measurement
Available SizesMedium (34"-39" Waist), Large (40"-45" Waist), Extra Large (46"-51" Waist)
Suitable ActivitiesIdeal for upland hunting, waterfowl hunting, and other shotgun-related activities
Compatible with20 Gauge shotgun shells

Durable Leather 20 Gauge Shell Belt for Upland and Waterfowl Hunting

Discover the Leather Shell Belt for 20 Gauge shots, perfect for situations when a bulky vest is too much. These belts are designed to transport shells easily and efficiently with the utmost durability.

Crafted from saddle leather with an oil finish, this 20-Gauge Shell Belt ensures years of service without compromising quality. The 2 1/2" wide belt features 18 loops secured by a buffer strip, preventing shells from slipping through.

Experience comfort and convenience during upland and waterfowl hunting with our impeccable Leather Shell Belt. With three waist sizes (Medium, Large, and Extra Large), enjoy a tailored fit that will last through many hunts.