• FieldKing, Nylon Jaeger Lead

FieldKing, Nylon Jaeger Lead

by FieldKing Item #: 1022140-M
1 customer review
$26.95 - $38.95$26.95
Optional Attached Nameplate
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Sometimes, just sometimes, you need a lead that will do everything you can ask of it. The FieldKing Nylon Jaeger Lead is our most versatile jaeger lead and we offer it with a brass bolt snap on one end and now it comes with either the classic brass bolt snap or the traditional French snap for attaching to your dog.

If you haven't seen one of these French snaps by Herm Sprenger before you'll be intrigued with its unique design and functionality.

Either of these Nylon Jaeger Leads is the perfect tool for the hardcore dog enthusiast. They're well priced so you won't feel bad when you drop them in the mud and they offer so many options for control of your dog you'll wonder why you haven't owned one before. Check out the inset on the picture or enlarge the picture for a better view of the snap options.

Both of these leads are made of 3/4" orange nylon webbing so they can be seen in almost any situation. A conventional handhold loop is at the end opposite the dog and lets the Jaeger Lead function as a traditional leash. If you need a quick tie-up in the field the floating O-Ring will make it easy. Pick a tree, telephone pole, or fence post, the Nylon Jaeger Lead will adjust.

The FieldKing Nylon Jaeger Lead also has two stationary O-rings so you can use it as a hands-free body leash. Drape the FieldKing Nylon Jaeger Lead over your shoulder and clip the snap to the stationary ring that fits you best then clip the other snap to your good dog. Now you have the luxury of having both hands free while you still have control of your dog. Great for walking your dog out of the field and back to the vehicle or any time you need both hands free and still have control of your good dog.

Finally, the FieldKing Nylon Jaeger Lead has a short loop at the dog end for holding a dog close at heel.

Overall Length - 8' 5"

Attach an optional solid brass or stainless steel nameplate so this lead will always make it back to you if it happens to be misplaced. We'll even include complimentary Machine Stamped Rivets to attach the nameplate.

Customer Reviews

Robin from Ny, NY
Date Reviewed:
5 stars
I have been using this leash for almost 30 years and i still have my first one. They are machine washable and if it gets a bit frayed in one spot i just make a knot in that spot to reinforce it. (Knots make convenient handholds) I first got when i