• Field Guide to Retriever Drills

Field Guide to Retriever Drills

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This pocket Field Guide to Retriever Drills covers 19 indoor drills and 38 field and water drills for your retriever. There is a complete description of how to set up and run each drill and a diagram showing you how the drill should be run. Starting with basic drills to advanced, these drills will help you train your dog to become an outstanding retriever.

Retriever drills are an enjoyable way to spend time with your dog while improving his or her retrieving ability. You will find this pocket drill guide to be an invaluable training tool; one that you will always have with you in your training vest or bag.

The Indoor Drills cover Hup drills, Place drills, Here and Leave it drills, and Heeling drills along with your basic retrieving drills and pre-gunfire conditioning drills. All of these drills can be done in your home or backyard.

The Outdoor Drills cover Obedience, Heeling, Basic and Advanced Quartering Drills, Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Retrieving Drills, and Blind Retrieving Drills. There is detailed information on how to set up and execute each drill along with a detailed diagram of each drill.

There are 54 total drills in this handy pocket guide that will fit in your shirt pocket. The Field Guide to Retriever Drills is an indispensable guide to working with your Retriever. It will help you make your retriever an outstanding gun dog.

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