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The Mendota Single Clasp Whistle Lanyard is an essential accessory for dog training and hunting activities. Mendota Products, renowned for its high-quality and practical designs, brings you this versatile lanyard that securely holds your whistle for effective communication with your pet.

The Mendota whistle lanyard is crafted from a signature soft braided material, ensuring durability and comfort around your neck during outdoor activities. The single clasp design facilitates easy attachment and removal of your whistle, proving to be an invaluable convenience for frequent use.

Available in a variety of vibrant colors including Orange, Camo, Hi-Viz Yellow, Red, and Green, this lanyard will be a stylish addition to your hunting gear. The option to use it as an e-collar transmitter lanyard adds to its versatility and usefulness in dog training.

In summary, the Mendota Single Clasp Whistle Lanyard is not just a practical tool but also a statement of style. Take your pick from various colors and make this your new favorite lanyard today!
  • Soft braided lanyard material
  • Single clasp
  • Leather accents

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Mendota, Single Clasp Whistle Lanyard Q&A

What material is the Mendota Single Clasp Lanyard made of?
It's made using Mendota's famous soft braid material.
Does this lanyard have more than one clasp?
No, it features a single clasp design.
What accents are included in the lanyard?
This lanyard has leather accents for added style and durability.
Is this lanyard suitable for dog training?
Yes, it's perfect for dog training and hunting activities.
In what colors is the Mendota Single Clasp Lanyard available?
The lanyard is available in a variety of colors.
Can I use this lanyard for e-collar transmitters?
Yes, it's suitable for e-collar transmitter lanyards.
What is the main feature of this lanyard?
Its soft braid material provides comfort on the neck.
Does Mendota offer other whistle accessories?
Yes, Mendota offers a range of whistle accessories, including other lanyard options.
Can I use the lanyard for various whistle types?
Yes, the single clasp design makes it versatile for any whistle.
Is the Mendota Single Clasp Lanyard long-lasting?
Yes, it's durable and designed to be your favorite for years to come.

Item Specifications

ProductSingle Clasp Whistle Lanyard
MaterialSoft braided lanyard material
DesignSingle clasp
StyleLeather accents
Suitable forBird dog whistle, camo whistle, dog training whistle, e-collar transmitter, gundog whistle, hunting dog whistle, hunting whistle, orange whistle
Available ColorsVariety of colors

Mendota Single Clasp Whistle Lanyard - Comfort and Style for Any Whistle

Introducing the Mendota Single Clasp Whistle Lanyard, your new favorite accessory for any whistle. Made with Mendota's renowned soft braid material and accented with leather, this lanyard promises style and comfort. Its single clasp design and availability in multiple colors make it the perfect addition to your dog training or hunting gear.

Experience the durability and quality craftsmanship of Mendota's Single Clasp Whistle Lanyard. Designed with the user in mind, the soft braided material provides all-day comfort on your neck, especially during long dog training sessions or hunting outings. Its leather accents add a touch of sophistication and durability to the lanyard, ensuring it will be your favorite for years to come.

Upgrade your whistle accessories with the Mendota Single Clasp Lanyard. With its wide range of available colors, you can choose the perfect style to match your existing gear or express your unique taste. Say goodbye to uncomfortable lanyards and invest in the comfort and style that Mendota has to offer.

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