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Unleash a new level of convenience with the Mendota Double Clasp Whistle Lanyard. Expertly crafted by Mendota Products, this unique accessory is designed to keep your whistles secure and within easy reach. The double clasp design enables you to attach up to two whistles, making it perfect for various outdoor activities such as dog training and hunting.

This whistle lanyard is made using Mendota's renowned braided material. This is not only incredibly durable but also soft and gentle on the neck, ensuring hours of comfortable wear. Whether you're a professional dog trainer or an avid hunter, this lanyard is a must-have tool that will make your outdoor adventures much more manageable.

The Mendota Double Clasp Whistle Lanyard is not just functional, but also incredibly stylish. Available in a vibrant orange hue, as well as camo, hi-viz yellow, red, and green, this lanyard adds a pop of color to your outdoor gear. Its unique design makes it an excellent choice for various uses, including an e-collar transmitter lanyard or hunting dog whistle lanyard.

In the world of hunting and dog training, Mendota Pet stands out for its commitment to quality and functionality. With the Mendota Double Clasp Whistle Lanyard, you're not just getting an accessory, but a tool designed to enhance your outdoor experiences. Secure your whistles with ease and make every moment count with Mendota.
  • Soft braided lanyard material
  • Two whistle clasps
  • Leather accents

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Mendota, Double Clasp Whistle Lanyard Q&A

What materials make up the Mendota Double Clasp Lanyard?
Soft braided material and leather accents.
How many whistles can the lanyard hold?
Two whistles.
Is the Mendota lanyard comfortable to wear?
Yes, it's very soft and easy on the neck.
Can the lanyard be used for e-collar transmitters?
Yes, it's suitable for e-collar transmitter usage.
What are some uses for the Mendota Double Clasp Lanyard?
Dog training, hunting, and holding gundog whistles.
Is the lanyard available in different colors?
Yes, it comes in various colors.
What are the leather accents for?
They add a stylish touch to the lanyard.
Can the Mendota lanyard hold hunting dog whistles?
Yes, it's suitable for hunting dog whistles.
Is the Mendota Double Clasp Lanyard durable?
Yes, it showcases fine craftsmanship and durability.
Who manufacturers the Mendota Double Clasp Lanyard?

Item Specifications

Product NameDouble Clasp Whistle Lanyard
Number of Whistle Clasps2
MaterialSoft braided lanyard material
Additional Design ElementLeather accents
Product UseBird dog whistle, camo whistle, dog training whistle, e-collar transmitter, gundog whistle, hunting dog whistle, hunting whistle, orange lanyard, whistle lanyard
Color Options (not mentioned)None
Associated OrganizationValhalla Bijou Hunt Club
CategoryWhistles & Lanyards

Mendota Double Clasp Whistle Lanyard: Comfort and Convenience

Experience convenience and comfort with the Mendota Double Clasp Whistle Lanyard, designed to securely hold up to two whistles at once. Made using Mendota's renowned soft braided material, this lanyard ensures a comfortable fit around your neck.

Ideal for dog training and hunting, the Mendota Double Clasp Lanyard features leather accents and comes in various colors. Equip yourself with a lanyard that ensures easy access to your whistles and showcases fine craftsmanship.

This durable and versatile whistle lanyard from Mendota is perfect for e-collar transmitters, gundog whistle training, and hunting dog whistle usage. Choose the Mendota Double Clasp Whistle Lanyard for a high-quality accessory that enhances your outdoor experience.

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