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Lewis Dog Boots

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Made from actual tire rubber, these tough Lewis Dog Boots will last and last. Experienced hunters know that it's the feet that need to be protected, so protect your dog's feet under tough field conditions with Lewis Dog Boots. These boots have drain holes for your dog's comfort during a long day in the field.

The Lewis Dog Boots take only a few minutes to secure with tape. As with all dog boots, you can expect your good dog to fuss a little, but quickly adjust to wearing them. Because of the adjustment period, you may find it helpful to put the Lewis Dog Boots on in the house or during training to give your dog time to get acquainted with them.

Note: Measure the dog's foot from the back of the triangular of the pad to the longest toenail, and remember the toenails go inside the boot so it's wise to trim them before measuring.

4 Boots per pack.

Vented so your dog's feet can breathe.

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