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Lewis Dog Boots

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Protect Your Dog's Feet with Lewis Dog Boots for Hunting
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Made from actual tire rubber, these tough Lewis Dog Boots will last and last. Experienced hunters know that it's the feet that need to be protected, so protect your dog's feet under tough field conditions with Lewis Dog Boots. These boots have drain holes for your dog's comfort during a long day in the field.

The Lewis Dog Boots take only a few minutes to secure with tape. As with all dog boots, you can expect your good dog to fuss a little, but quickly adjust to wearing them. Because of the adjustment period, you may find it helpful to put the Lewis Dog Boots on in the house or during training to give your dog time to get acquainted with them.

Note: Measure the dog's foot from the back of the triangular of the pad to the longest toenail, and remember the toenails go inside the boot so it's wise to trim them before measuring.

4 Boots per pack.

Vented so your dog's feet can breathe.

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Lewis Dog Boots Q&A

What are Lewis Dog Boots made of?
They are made from actual tire rubber.
How do I measure my dog's foot for Lewis Dog Boots?
Measure from the back of the triangular pad to the longest toenail.
How many boots come in a pack?
4 boots per pack.
Are these boots vented?
Yes, they are vented for breathability.
What is the purpose of the drain holes?
Drain holes provide comfort during a long day in the field.
How do I secure the boots on my dog?
They can be secured using tape.
Do dogs need time to adjust to these boots?
Yes, there's an adjustment period and it's beneficial to put them on during training or at home.
Are Lewis Dog Boots suitable for winter?
Yes, they are suitable for winter use.
Can these boots be used for gun dog hunting?
Yes, they are suitable for gun dog hunting as well.
Are toenails supposed to go inside the boots?
Yes, trim the toenails before measuring and they go inside the boots.

Item Specifications

MaterialActual tire rubber
PurposeProtection of dog's feet under tough field conditions
Special FeatureDrain holes for comfort during long days in the field
Attachment MethodSecured with tape within a few minutes
Adjustment PeriodFuss initially, but quickly adjusts to wearing them
Suggestions for AcclimationPut boots on in house or during training to get acquainted
MeasurementMeasure from back of triangular pad to longest toenail
Toenail ConsiderationTrim toenails before measuring
Quantity Included4 Boots per pack
Ventilation FeatureVented for breathability of dog's feet

Lewis Dog Boots: A Sturdy and Comfortable Solution for Canine Foot Protection

Introducing Lewis Dog Boots, a reliable and durable choice for protecting your canine's feet during hunting and other outdoor activities. Made from actual tire rubber, these protective dog boots are not only tough but also provide much-needed comfort.

Protection is essential, and these boots ensure that your dog's feet stay safe in difficult terrain. Experienced hunters understand the importance of looking after their dog's feet, and Lewis Dog Boots deliver the right solution. Featuring drain holes, your dog stays comfortable during long days in the field.

Easy to use and quick to secure with tape, these boots are designed with your dog's well-being in mind. Allow your canine companion to adjust and get acquainted with their new footwear by trying them on during training or inside the house. Your canine's feet will be safe and ready for any adventure.