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  • Kennel Shade, 85% Vinyl Coated Mesh, 12" Grommets, Green

Kennel Shade, 85% Vinyl Coated Mesh, 12" Grommets, Green

Item #: ZKS
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Shield Your Pets from Harsh Weather
Experience the ultimate solution in pet protection with DOGS Unlimited Kennel Shade. Expertly designed to shield your cherished gun dogs from harsh weather conditions, this Kennel Shade is a must-have for every pet lover.

Our Kennel Shade is crafted from an 85% vinyl-coated mesh, ensuring superior durability and long-lasting performance. The unique weave pattern provides optimal shade without compromising airflow, keeping your pets cool and comfortable during the sultry summers. This protective fabric also offers a reliable defense against driving rain, making it an all-weather solution for your pet's outdoor comfort.

What sets our Kennel Shade apart is its additional heavy-duty webbing at the edges. This extra strength is strategically placed where you need it the most, enhancing the product's resilience and lifespan.

The Kennel Shade is designed with practicality in mind. Incorporated with 12" grommets at every foot, it offers secure attachment, preventing it from being dislodged by strong winds. This easy attachment feature simplifies the setup process, saving you both time and effort.

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Kennel Shade, 85% Vinyl Coated Mesh, 12" Grommets, Green Q&A

Does the Kennel Shade provide protection from both sun and rain?
Yes, the Kennel Shade offers protection from sun and rain for your pets.
Can the Kennel Shade withstand windy conditions?
Yes, the Kennel Shade is designed to hold up well in windy conditions.
What material is the Kennel Shade made of?
The Kennel Shade is made from an 85% vinyl coated mesh material.
Does the Kennel Shade include any reinforcement for extra strength?
Yes, it has heavy-duty webbing at the edges for added strength.
How often are grommets placed on the Kennel Shade?
There are grommets placed every 12 inches for secure attachment.
What size is the Kennel Shade?
The Kennel Shade comes in a small size, measuring 4' by 10'.
What color is the Kennel Shade?
The Kennel Shade is available in a green color.
Can the Kennel Shade be used for various kennel setups?
Yes, the small size of 4' by 10' is suitable for various kennel setups.
Is the Kennel Shade durable and long-lasting?
Yes, the Kennel Shade is made with high-quality materials and designed for durability.
Does the Kennel Shade require any special tools for installation?
No, the Kennel Shade comes with grommets for easy and secure attachment.

Item Specifications

Material85% Vinyl Coated Mesh
Grommets12" spacing
SizeSmall (4' by 10')
Protection OfferedSun, rain, and wind protection
Additional FeaturesHeavy-duty webbing at edges for extra strength, can be attached securely with grommets every 12 inches

Durable Protective Kennel Shade for Your Pets

Protect your beloved pets from harsh weather conditions with the Kennel Shade. Made from a heavy-duty 85% vinyl coated mesh, this shade offers both sun and rain protection for your pets, while still holding up well in windy conditions.

The Kennel Shade is a versatile solution for your pets' outdoor comfort. With heavy-duty webbing at the edges, it offers extra strength where it's needed most. Grommets placed every 12 inches allow for secure attachment, ensuring your pets stay safe and sheltered.

Give your pets the care they deserve with the durable Kennel Shade. Designed in a convenient green tone, the shade provides a protective cover for your kennel that's both visually appealing and built to last. The small size of 4' by 10' makes it suitable for various kennel setups.

Invest in a long-lasting and reliable shelter for your pets with the Kennel Shade. Its high-quality materials and thoughtful design provide your furry companions with the protection they need, while offering you convenience and peace of mind.

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