• Kangaroo Whistle Lanyard
  • Kangaroo Whistle Lanyard
  • Kangaroo Whistle Lanyard
  • Kangaroo Whistle Lanyard
  • Kangaroo Whistle Lanyard
  • Kangaroo Whistle Lanyard
  • Kangaroo Whistle Lanyard
  • Kangaroo Whistle Lanyard

Kangaroo Whistle Lanyard

Item #: 1047000-M
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High-Quality Kangaroo Leather Whistle Lanyards
Australian kangaroo leather is famous for its suppleness and strength.

These Kangaroo Whistle Lanyards are made from high-quality select kangaroo hides that are bevel cut for a neat, tight weave. The distinctive stainless steel clasp(s) will hold your whistles with ease and finishes off the lanyard's high-quality appeal.

These lanyards come with either a single or a double clasp for those times when one whistle just won't do. The Kangaroo leather darkens nicely with use and age.
  • High Quality Kangaroo Leather
  • Stainless steel clasps

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Kangaroo Whistle Lanyard Q&A

What is unique about kangaroo leather?
Kangaroo leather is famous for its strength and suppleness.
What type of clasp is used in these lanyards?
These lanyards feature stainless steel clasps.
Are there single or double clasps available?
Both single and double clasp lanyards are available.
How does the kangaroo leather age?
Kangaroo leather darkens nicely with use and age.
What are these lanyards ideal for?
These lanyards are perfect for dog training and hunting whistles.
What type of weave is used in these lanyards?
The lanyards use a neat, tight weave.
What is the main material of the lanyards?
These lanyards are made from high-quality kangaroo hides.
Are they suitable for e-collar transmitters?
Yes, the lanyards can be used for e-collar transmitters.
Can I use this lanyard for a gundog whistle?
Yes, the lanyard is ideal for a gundog whistle.
Is the leather bevel cut?
Yes, the leather is bevel cut for a clean appearance.

Item Specifications

MaterialAustralian Kangaroo Leather
WeaveNeat, tight
Clasp MaterialStainless steel
Clasp TypesSingle clasp, double clasp
UseBird dog whistle lanyard, dog trainer whistle lanyard, e-collar transmitter lanyard, gundog whistle lanyard, hunting whistle lanyard, leather whistle lanyards for dog training, training whistle lanyard, whistle lanyards for dog training
AdditionalDarkens nicely with use and age
Popular withLeather whistle lanyards, whistles & lanyards, whistles and lanyards enthusiasts

Kangaroo Leather Whistle Lanyards for Trainers & Hunters

Experience the exceptional quality of Kangaroo Leather Whistle Lanyards, perfect for trainers and hunters who appreciate strength and reliability. These lanyards are crafted with care from high-quality kangaroo hides and beveled for a clean, tight weave.

Delight in the luxurious feel of our Kangaroo Leather Whistle Lanyards, as they become even more supple and richly colored with use and age. Plus, the stainless steel clasps keep your whistles secure and ready for action.

Choose between single or double clasp Kangaroo Whistle Lanyards, depending on your needs and preferences. Whether you're a professional dog trainer or a dedicated hunter, we have the perfect lanyard to suit your style.