• HuntSmith Collection, Riding Chaps
  • HuntSmith Collection, Riding Chaps
  • HuntSmith Collection, Riding Chaps
  • HuntSmith Collection, Riding Chaps

HuntSmith Collection, Riding Chaps

by HuntSmith Collection Item #: 1107150-M
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Experience Supreme Comfort with HuntSmith's Durable, Customizable Riding Chaps!
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The HuntSmith Collection Riding Chaps, brought to you by Shinnery Enterprises LLC. These premium hunting chaps are expertly crafted from premium Australian oilcloth, known for its water-resistant qualities and durability. Designed with the rider's comfort in mind, they are incredibly lightweight, making them perfect for horseback riding and hunting.

The Riding Chaps are lined with a 10 oz canvas and adorned with solid brass hardware for an added touch of elegance and durability. The leather waistband and hem add a sophisticated look to these chaps, accentuated with rich brown and nutmeg colors.

The HuntSmith Collection Riding Chaps are customizable to your needs. They come with options for custom length, ensuring a perfect fit regardless of your size. For your convenience, these chaps also have an option for an e-collar transmitter pocket capable of holding most transmitters in either the antenna up or down position. This allows for seamless operation while the device remains securely in the pocket. A flap pocket is also offered, providing a handy space for a judge's book, notebook, pen, or pencil.

Available in sizes ranging from XX Small to XX Large, these Riding Chaps promise a comfortable and secure fit for everyone. Experience the blend of comfort, durability, and style with the HuntSmith Collection Riding Chaps. Perfect for any rider's wardrobe.

These Riding Chaps are made to order so please allow 2 - 3 weeks for delivery.


This style of chap is designed to fit with the waistband being worn just below the waistline and belt of your pants, as traditional western chaps are worn. As you wrap the pant leg around and zip, the oilcloth leg should fit 2" below your crotch at the inseam.

When looking at the size chart, use your true measurements. Do not calculate for any additional clothing, this has already been calculated for you.

Size Chart

Waist24 - 2526 - 2829 - 3031 - 3334 - 3637 - 3940 - 42
or smaller
or smaller
or smaller
or smaller
or smaller
or smaller
or smaller
Inseam28 - 3030 - 3130 - 3131 - 3232 - 3332 - 3332 - 33

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HuntSmith Collection, Riding Chaps Q&A

What are the main benefits of these Riding Chaps?
The main benefits include lightweight comfort, durability, water-resistance, and multiple customization options.
What is the main material of these Riding Chaps?
The main material is oilcloth lined with 10 oz canvas.
What are the accent leather color options?
The available accent leather colors include brown and nutmeg.
Are there any customization options available?
Yes, customization options include custom length, e-collar transmitter pocket, and flap pocket.
How long does it take for my Riding Chaps to be delivered?
Since they are made to order, please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.
Are these chaps suitable for both men and women?
Yes, they are suitable for both men and women.
What is the purpose of the e-collar transmitter pocket?
The e-collar transmitter pocket can hold most transmitters, allowing for operation while in the pocket.
Can the flap pocket hold a judge's book or notebook?
Yes, the flap pocket is perfect for storing a judge's book, notebook, pen, or pencil.
How should these chaps be worn for an ideal fit?
The waistband should be worn just below the waistline and belt of your pants with the oilcloth leg fitting 2" below your crotch at the inseam.
Do I need to calculate any additional clothing when looking at the size chart?
No, the size chart already accounts for any additional clothing, so use your true measurements.

Item Specifications

MaterialOilcloth lined with 10 oz canvas
ComfortLightweight, water-resistant
HardwareSolid brass hardware
Leather ComponentsWaistband and hem
Accent Leather ColorsBrown and Nutmeg
Customization OptionsCustom length, e-collar transmitter pocket, flap pocket
DeliveryMade to order, 2 - 3 weeks
SizingWaistband worn just below waistline and belt of pants, 2" below crotch at inseam
ApplicationHorse riding, bird hunting, horseback riding, hunting chaps for men and women

HuntSmith Collection Riding Chaps: Comfort & Durability for Horseback Riding & Hunting

Introducing the HuntSmith Collection Riding Chaps, made of high-quality oilcloth and lined with a 10 oz canvas. Experience maximum comfort and durability while enjoying the water-resistant nature of the oilcloth, making these chaps perfect for horseback riding and hunting activities.

These Riding Chaps come with solid brass hardware, leather waistband, and hem, offering both style and functionality. Choose from accent leather colors in brown and nutmeg to suit your style preference. Order now and enjoy the convenience of custom length, e-collar transmitter pocket, and flap pocket options.