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  • HuntSmith Collection, Guide Jacket

HuntSmith Collection, Guide Jacket

by HuntSmith Collection Item #: 1107020-M
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Experience the Ultimate Comfort and Functionality with HuntSmith Guide Jacket
$475.00 - $495.00$475.00
I'm aware of the possible 2 - 3 week ship time.
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Introducing the HuntSmith Collection Guide Jacket - a brilliant blend of quality, functionality, and style. This hunting jacket, skillfully crafted by Shinnery Enterprises LLC, promises an unparalleled hunting experience. Made from high-grade oilcloth, jersey mesh, and solid brass hardware, it guarantees durability and resilience in harsh weather conditions. The jacket is stylishly accented with calfskin leather, available in either nutmeg or brown, creating a look that merges sophistication with rugged practicality.

The Guide Jacket sets itself apart with a multitude of unique features. An innovative bird bag can be accessed from either the left or the right side, providing convenience and accessibility. The front bottom pockets are ingeniously designed as dual pockets; the outer placket pocket can comfortably hold two boxes of 12 gauge shells, and a side-entry pocket is included for additional storage.

For added rain protection, each side of the jacket is fitted with continuous side flaps, unsnappable when sitting or riding. An inside pocket is also included for those essential items that require safekeeping. The jacket is equipped with a convenient D-ring on one side and a Snap Hook on the other, ideal for a lead rope, E-Collar, or duck line. Personalization is made easy with the Guide Jacket, as it can be customized with an embroidered logo or name on the chest pocket flap. This winter jacket is completed with a license hanger on the back, making it a perfect choice for upland hunting.

Please note, the HuntSmith Collection Guide Jacket is a custom order, and hence a 2 - 3 weeks delivery time must be anticipated. When selecting the size, use your true measurements since all considerations for additional clothing have been calculated by Shinnery Enterprises. Size options range from XX-Small to XX-Large. Experience the ultimate comfort and functionality with the HuntSmith Collection Guide Jacket. It's more than just a jacket; it's a companion for your hunting adventures. Order yours today and feel the difference.

Size Chart

Chest32 - 3334 - 3536 - 3839 - 4142 - 4546 - 4849 - 51
Neck13.5 - 1414 - 14.515 - 15.515.5 - 1616.5 - 1717 - 17.517.5 - 18
Sleeve30 - 3131 - 3232.5 - 33.534 - 3535 - 3636 - 3737 - 38
Women's Size0 - 24 - 68 - 1012 - 1414 - 16

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HuntSmith Collection, Guide Jacket Q&A

What materials are used in the Guide Jacket?
The Guide Jacket is made of oilcloth, jersey mesh, and solid brass hardware, with calfskin leather accents.
How does the double sleeve design benefit me?
The double sleeve design, made of rip-stop material with an elastic cuff, keeps your arms dry and warm.
Can I personalize the Guide Jacket?
Yes, you can personalize it with an embroidered logo or name on the chest pocket flap.
Is the Guide Jacket available in different colors?
The jacket is available with either nutmeg or brown calfskin leather accents.
What is the delivery time for the Guide Jacket?
Since it is a custom order, please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.
Does the sizing include extra clothing layers?
Yes, the sizing calculates additional clothing layers for your comfort.
Are there any unique attachment options?
Yes, there's a D Ring on one side and a Snap Hook on the other for versatile attachments.
What type of hunting is the Guide Jacket designed for?
The Guide Jacket is specifically designed for bird hunting.
Is there an inside pocket for safekeeping items?
Yes, there is an inside pocket for safekeeping valuable items.
What is the purpose of the license hanger on the back?
The license hanger allows for easy access and display of your hunting license.

Item Specifications

MaterialOilcloth, jersey mesh, solid brass hardware
Leather AccentsCalfskin leather in nutmeg or brown
SleevesDouble sleeve with an inner rip-stop sleeve and elastic cuff
FeaturesBird bag, front bottom pockets, side flaps for rain protection, inside pocket, D-ring and snap hook, personalization options, back license hanger
SizesCustom order, use true measurements without accounting for additional clothing
Delivery Time2 - 3 weeks
CategoryClothes - Jackets, Vests, Etc.
TypesAustralian oilskin bird hunting jacket, oilskin hunting coat, oilskin pheasant hunting jacket, oilskin quail hunting jacket, upland hunting jacket, winter jacket, Huntsmith Collection Guide Jacket

HuntSmith Collection Guide Jacket: Master the Art of Bird Hunting

Upgrade your hunting experience with the HuntSmith Collection Guide Jacket, expertly designed for bird hunting enthusiasts. Constructed with oilcloth, jersey mesh, and solid brass hardware, this jacket ensures durability, comfort, and functionality.

Stay dry and warm while exploring the great outdoors with the double sleeve design made of rip-stop material with an elastic cuff. The multiple pocket options guarantee efficient organization, rain protection, and easy access to your hunting gear.

Choose between nutmeg or brown calfskin leather accents to add a touch of sophistication to your hunting attire. Personalize your Guide Jacket with an embroidered logo or name on the chest pocket flap for a unique touch.

The HuntSmith Collection Guide Jacket is custom ordered to ensure a perfect fit for every individual. Anticipate 2-3 weeks for delivery, as sizing calculations consider additional clothing layers for ultimate comfort and performance.

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