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The Happy Jack Onex Fly Repellent & Ointment is a vital addition to your animal wound care products, providing protection and promoting recovery for your beloved pets or livestock. This potent formula is designed to keep your animals wound-free, acting as an effective shield against the harmful effects of several fly species, including house, stable, face, and horn flies.

The Onex Fly Repellent and Ointment offers a dual-action solution, not only repelling adult flies but also killing hatching larvae. This dual action effectively reduces the chance of infection and enlargement of the affected area, which often results from Habronema flies laying eggs in the wounds of animals.

Featuring Pyrethrins, the Onex ointment is highly effective in promoting wound care for dogs, horses, and other animals. The inclusion of this active ingredient ensures that the product is safe for your animals, while also being potent against flies and their larvae.

This product stands out as a unique selling point in the market of animal wound care, providing effective protection and promoting healing, making it an essential part of any canine wound care or horse wound care routine.

Trust in the quality and reliability of the Happy Jack brand and choose Onex Fly Repellent & Ointment to ensure your animals are well-protected and on their way to a speedy recovery.

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Happy Jack, Onex Fly Repellent & Ointment Q&A

What is Onex Fly Repellent and Ointment used for?
It is used for preventing infections in animal wounds caused by flies laying eggs in them.
Which animals can benefit from using Onex?
Animals like horses and dogs can benefit from using Onex.
Which type of flies does Onex repel?
Onex repels house, stable, face, and horn flies.
What is the active ingredient in Onex Fly Repellant and Ointment?
The active ingredient is Pyrethrins.
What does Onex do to fly larvae?
Onex kills the hatching fly larvae.
Does Onex only repel adult flies?
Onex not only repels adult flies, but also kills hatching larvae.
How does Onex promote skin healing in animals?
By repelling flies and killing larvae, Onex reduces infection and allows the skin to heal properly.
Can Onex be used for canine wound care?
Yes, Onex can be used for canine wound care.
Is Onex an easy-to-apply solution for animal wound care?
Yes, Onex is an easy-to-apply ointment for animal wound care.
Does Onex provide overall health protection for animals?
Onex plays a crucial role in ensuring the overall health of animals by preventing infections in wounds.

Item Specifications

Product NameHappy Jack, Onex Fly Repellent & Ointment
FunctionReduces infection due to flies
Target FliesHabronema flies, house, stable, face, and horn flies
Working MechanismRepels adult flies, kills hatching larvae
ResultAllows the skin to heal
ApplicationAnimal wound care
Suitable forCanine wound care, horse wound care
TypeFly repellent, fly ointment
Active IngredientContains Pyrethrins

Onex Fly Repellent and Ointment - Ultimate Animal Wound Care Solution

Onex Fly Repellent and Ointment is an exceptional solution for preventing infections in animal wounds. Whenever animals sustain wounds caused by Habronema flies laying eggs into them, the affected area can become inflamed and infected. Onex is specifically designed to repel adult flies and kill any hatching larvae, ensuring that your animal's skin heals properly.

Providing outstanding protection against house, stable, face, and horn flies, Onex is incredibly versatile and adaptable. With its unique formulation containing Pyrethrins, Onex is an essential preventative tool in ensuring the overall health of your animals while maintaining their wound-care needs.

Suitable for various animals like horses and dogs, Onex Fly Repellent and Ointment is both versatile and easy to use, making it the perfect addition to your animal care routine. Protect your animals from potential infection and keep their skin healthy with the power of Onex.

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