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Happy Jack Itch No More Shampoo – a premium dog shampoo specifically designed to alleviate itching, scratching, and seborrheic dermatitis symptoms in your canine. As a dedicated pet owner, you know that your dog's well-being is a top priority, and Happy Jack is committed to providing the best grooming and skincare solutions for dogs with dry and itchy skin.

Happy Jack's expertly formulated dog shampoo is infused with anti-itch properties to combat "Itchamacallits," providing relief for flea bites and various non-specific skin irritations that affect your canine companion. The Happy Jack Itch No More Shampoo not only deodorizes and halts itching, scratching, and gnawing from the first application but also effectively addresses generalized or localized skin conditions. Whether your dog is dealing with moist or dry patches, scaling, or odor control, this shampoo for dogs with itchy skin has got you covered.

What truly sets Happy Jack Itch No More Shampoo apart from other dog shampoos in the market is our unique blend of soothing refined coal tar and sulfur, along with coat conditioners, ensuring that your dog's skin and coat receive the ultimate care. Moreover, this dog shampoo for dry skin is pH adjusted and will not stain light-coated animals, guaranteeing that your dog looks as fantastic as they feel after each wash.

Available in a generous 12 oz bottle, Happy Jack Itch No More Shampoo is an essential addition to your dog's eye, ear, and coat care regimen. Don't let your dog suffer from itchy and dry skin any longer – choose Happy Jack Itch No More Shampoo and let your dog experience the relief and comfort they truly deserve.

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Happy Jack, Itch No More Shampoo Q&A

Is this shampoo safe for all dog breeds?
Yes, Happy Jack Itch No More Shampoo is suitable for all dog breeds.
How often should I use this shampoo on my dog?
Follow your veterinarian's recommendations for usage frequency, as it may vary based on your dog's specific needs.
Can this shampoo be used on dogs with sensitive skin?
The gentle, soothing ingredients make it suitable for dogs with sensitive skin.
Is Happy Jack Itch No More Shampoo effective against dandruff?
Yes, it's designed to treat seborrheic dermatitis (dandruff) in dogs.
Does this shampoo have a scent?
The presence of menthol gives it a refreshing scent.
Will this shampoo help improve my dog's coat?
It can help improve the overall health and cleanliness of your dog's coat by treating itchy, dry skin.
Can I use this shampoo alongside other medications or topical treatments?
Consult your veterinarian before combining treatments or medications.
Is this shampoo easy to rinse off?
Yes, it's formulated for easy rinsing to make the process smoother for you and your dog.
Can I use this shampoo for puppies?
Consult your veterinarian before using any medicated shampoo on a puppy.
Are there any side effects to using Happy Jack Itch No More Shampoo?
Side effects are rare, but in case of irritation, consult your veterinarian.

Item Specifications

BrandHappy Jack
ProductItch No More Shampoo
PurposeRelieve itching, scratching, and seborrheic dermatitis
Ideal forDogs
IngredientsCoal tar, salicylic acid, zinc oxide, aloe vera, menthol, sulfur
Size12 oz
Product FeaturesAnti itch, dry skin, itchy skin

Happy Jack Itch No More: Medicated Shampoo for Itchy Dogs

Say goodbye to your dog's constant itching and scratching with the powerful relief provided by Happy Jack Itch No More Shampoo. This medicated shampoo is specifically designed for dogs suffering from seborrheic dermatitis (dandruff) and dry, itchy skin.

Packed with soothing ingredients like coal tar, salicylic acid, zinc oxide, aloe vera, and menthol, Happy Jack Itch No More Shampoo provides your dog with a gentle yet highly effective solution. Help your beloved dog feel more comfortable in their skin by investing in this specialized shampoo.

Don't let your dog's dry, itchy skin continue to cause them discomfort. Happy Jack Itch No More Shampoo is the perfect solution to help them find relief and bring back their happiness. With a strong combination of caring ingredients, this shampoo will quickly become an essential in your dog's grooming routine.

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