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  • Roy Gonia Mega Whistles

Roy Gonia Mega Whistles

by SportDog Brand Item #: 901091-M
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Experience Extreme Range with Mega Whistles
Introducing the Roy Gonia Mega Whistles by SportDog Brand, the ultimate tool for precise, long-range control during dog training sessions. Experience the extreme range offered by these whistles, designed to direct sound exactly where you want it - towards your beloved pet.

The Mega Device, paired with the Roy Gonia Whistles, is specifically used to project the whistle tone to an extreme range, even in challenging field conditions. This gives the product an edge above other dog training whistles for sale.

The solid plastic construction of these dog whistles guarantees years of use, making them a durable and cost-effective choice. Available in various styles, these whistles are not just functional but also aesthetically pleasing.

As the best dog whistle on the market, the Roy Gonia Mega Whistles stand out for their superior performance. Ideal for both gundog training whistles and regular dog whistles for training, they prove to be versatile and reliable.

The product comes in several types: Original Gonia and the Clear Competition. Choose the one that fits your needs best. Don't settle for less when looking for dog whistles for sale. Opt for Roy Gonia Mega Whistles, the dog whistles that work every time. Experience the difference and keep your dog well-trained and happy with this exceptional product.

Select from 2 different styles.

Mega Device with Original Roy Gonia Whistle

* Perfect for hunting
* Amplifies the "shrill trill"
* Protects handler's ears
* Directs sound forward

Mega Device with Clear Competition Mega

* Easy-to-blow design
* Long range control
* Protects handler's ears
* Directs sound forward

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Roy Gonia Mega Whistles Q&A

What materials are the Roy Gonia Mega Whistles made of?
They are made using solid plastic construction.
How many styles of Mega Whistles are available?
There are three different styles to choose from.
What is the benefit of 'The Answer' Pealess Clear Competition Whistle?
It offers easy-to-blow design, no trill, long range control, and won't freeze.
Do Roy Gonia Mega Whistles provide long range control?
Yes, they are designed for long range control of your dog.
Are these whistles suitable for hunting?
Yes, in fact, the Original Roy Gonia Whistle is specifically designed for hunting.
Is the Clear Competition Mega whistle easy to use?
Yes, it has an easy-to-blow design for convenience.
What are the benefits of the Mega Device?
It directs the sound of the whistle to precisely where you want it, providing enhanced control.
Do the Mega Whistles protect the handler's ears?
Yes, they are designed to protect the handler's ears while in use.
Can these whistles be used in tough field conditions?
Definitely, they are designed to operate efficiently in challenging environments.
Will the Mega Whistles break easily?
No, their durable plastic construction ensures they will last for years.

Item Specifications

Roy Gonia Mega WhistlesWhistle devices for directing sound and controlling dog during hunts
Mega Device with Original Roy Gonia WhistleOne of 3 styles: hunting-friendly, amplifies the "shrill trill," protects handler's ears, directs sound forward
Mega Device with Clear Competition MegaSecond style: easy-to-blow design; long-range control; protects handler's ears; directs sound forward
"The Answer" Mega Device with Pealess Clear CompetitionThird style: easy-to-blow design; no trill; long-range control; protects handler's ears; won't freeze; directs sound forward
Solid Plastic ConstructionGuarantees years of use
ApplicationBird dog training, dog hunting, competitions, and training
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Unleash the Power of Roy Gonia Mega Whistles

Experience the powerful and precise control of the Roy Gonia Mega Whistles, designed to deliver sharp, amplified sound to your loyal hound's ears. These innovative whistles are perfect for tough field conditions, providing extreme range and responsiveness.

The solid plastic construction ensures durability and long-lasting use, while a variety of styles cater to different training needs. Choose from Original Roy Gonia, Clear Competition, or the unique Pealess Clear Competition design for the perfect match to your dog training requirements.

Original Roy Gonia Whistle boasts hunting prowess, amplifying the 'shrill trill' while protecting the handler's ears. Clear Competition Mega offers easy-to-blow design, superior control, and sound directionality. 'The Answer' Pealess Clear Competition model combines simple use, long-range control, and a no-freeze, trill-free function, providing the ultimate reliability.

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