• Roy Gonia Whistles

Roy Gonia Whistles

by SportDog Brand Item #: 901090-M
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Any of these Roy Gonia whistles would be an excellent choice for training or handling gun dogs.

These Roy Gonia whistle are well made and have a long history in the gun dog training, handling and field trial community. We have 4 different Roy Gonia Whistles available.

Roy Gonia Special Whistle WITH Pea

* Easy-to-blow design
* Lower-pitched sound carries farther
* Used to train more field champions than any other whistle

Roy Gonia Clear Competition

* Lower-pitched sound carries farther

Roy's Commander Whistle

* Easy-to-blow design
* Designed for use in adverse weather
* Lower pitch penetrates rain, snow and fog
* Rubber mouthpiece for better grip in cold weather

Roy Gonia Special Whistle WITHOUT Pea

* Easy-to-blow design
* No trill, hi-frequency
* Excellent for puppies and close-work
* Won't freeze

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