• Flat Slicker Wire Brush

Flat Slicker Wire Brush

Item #: 1017020-M
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Sometimes a long day in the field, training or hunting, can lead to some very personal grooming time with your good dog. The Flat Slicker Wire Brush is made for these times. Known as the original soft slicker, it's the softest and most dense pad available which is an important aid in grooming your gun dog.

This brush has more pins per square inch, making the brushing easier and more thorough. The pad is the softest yet devised so that it is gentle on the coat and not irritate.

A Slicker Brush lifts the hair, taking it away from the body. It gives the coat a chance to breathe and gives it a fuller look. There's no such thing as too much brushing, so brush as often as you can. Make it a truly pleasurable experience for both you and your good dog.

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