• Resco, Professional Series Pro Comb

Resco, Professional Series Pro Comb

by Resco Item #: 1059010-M
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Many dogs are brush busters; they go where they need to go to find the birds but they also come across stickers and burrs that matt in their coats. These quality Resco Professional Series Pro Combs are what you need to clean out those pesky stickers and burrs.

THE RESCO PROFESSIONAL SERIES combs have nickel-plated brass shanks with tapered, hardened steel pins and a molded black polypropylene handle. This comb is available in three (3) styles -

* Fine (for dogs with smooth coats and finish grooming)
* Medium (our most popular size, for most breeds and finish grooming)
* Coarse (for coarse-coated dogs with shorter hair and pre-finishing)

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