• CCI, .22 Caliber Short Blank Cartridges, Smokeless

CCI, .22 Caliber Short Blank Cartridges, Smokeless

by CCI Item #: 1081020-00044
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These .22 Caliber Blanks are considered to be clean because they leave less of a residue than blanks that use black powder. They are louder than the imported acorn type blanks which makes them a nice step up from the acorn blanks when introducing a gun dog to the sound of a gun.

These .22 caliber from CCI are loud enough to be used at AKC field trials and hunt tests, though it's always advisable to check the governing rules before using these blanks in any competition.

.22 blanks can only be used in .22 caliber blank pistols. They should NOT be used in any other caliber pistol.

Each box contains 100 rounds.

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