• Spiked Training Collar, Extra Links (3 Pack)

Spiked Training Collar, Extra Links (3 Pack)

by Leather Brothers Item #: 1031006-M
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Upgrade Your Collar with Extra Links!
$4.75 - $4.95$4.75
Each extra link adds about an inch to the Spike Training Collar.

Quantity - 3 links

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Spiked Training Collar, Extra Links (3 Pack) Q&A

How many links are included in the pack?
Each pack contains 3 extra links.
How many extra inches does each link provide?
Each link adds about one inch to the collar.
Are these links compatible with other collars?
These extra links are specifically designed for spiked training collars.
What material are the extra links made of?
The extra links are made from durable and long-lasting materials.
How do the extra links benefit training sessions?
The extra links provide better control, safety, and comfort during training.
Are these extra links a good alternative to using a harness?
Yes, the force-style design of the links offers an alternative to traditional harnesses.
Can I use these links for a growing dog?
Yes, these links can easily be added or removed to adapt to your dog's changing needs.
How do I install the extra links?
Installation is easy and should not require any specialized tools.
Do the extra links compromise the strength of the collar?
No, the extra links are designed to maintain the integrity and durability of the collar.
How many links can I add to a spiked training collar?
The number of links you can add will depend on the original collar size and your dog's neck circumference.

Item Specifications

Product NameSpiked Training Collar
Extra Links Pack3 Pack
Size ExtensionEach extra link adds about an inch
Quantity in Pack3 links
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Spiked Training Collar Extra Links (3-Pack) - Perfect Fit for Your Collar

Ensure the perfect fit and add versatility to your dog's collar with our Spiked Training Collar Extra Links (3-Pack). Each link adds an inch to the collar, giving you the flexibility to adapt it to your dog's changing needs. These durable, force-style links provide an alternative to traditional harnesses, while still offering control and safety during training sessions.

Our 3-pack of Spiked Training Collar Extra Links is an exceptional addition to your collar, providing an adjustable and durable solution for your dog's training routine. These extra links ensure a snug fit for better control and safety, while the force-style design acts as an alternative to harnesses. Enhance your dog's comfort and optimize your training experience with these versatile collar links.