• Spiked Training Dog Collar

Spiked Training Dog Collar

by Leather Brothers Item #: 1031005-M
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Need a little more "bite" in your commands? Virtually all dogs give to this collar as blunted spikes close tighter and tighter when the dog strains or jerks against the lead. Then it releases the pressure points as soon as the dog gives to your wishes. Because of the link spacing at 1" intervals, your dog cannot "set" this collar tight and continue to pull.

Training still has to happen to really eliminate this behavior, but the spike Training Collar gives your commands back-up that your dog will respect. Used correctly, the rounded tips do not puncture skin. Works on heavy-coated dogs as well as smooth coats.

WARNING - This collar is not designed for use on a dog tied to a rigid object (i.e. stake, tree or dog house). This training aid is designed for use on a lead (or rope) with a trainer on the other end to ensure effectiveness and to prevent mis-use.

Heavy Duty Spike Training collar: 3.25 mm links; 20" long.
Extra Heavy Duty Spike Training Collar: 3.8 mm links; 22" long.
Allow 1" to 2" more than your dog's exact neck size.
All can be resized or by adding or removing links.

As a general rule we recommend:

* the Heavy Duty Spike Training Collar for dogs 45 to 65 lbs.
* the Extra Heavy Duty Spike Training Collar usually works best for 60 lb. and up.

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