• Winchester, 209 Primers

Winchester, 209 Primers

by Winchester Ammunition Item #: 1081010-30013
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Improve Your Training Sessions with Winchester 209 Primers
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The Winchester 209 Primers fit any of the primer pistols that DOGS Unlimited sells. These primers are quite loud and will effectively simulate the sound of a shotgun during training sessions.

Using 209 primers is an inexpensive and effective way to train gun dogs.

100 Rounds

You CANNOT use 209 primers in any other caliber blank pistol.

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Winchester, 209 Primers Q&A

Which training pistols are these primers compatible with?
These primers are compatible with any primer pistol sold by DOGS Unlimited.
What sound does the primer create?
The primer simulates a realistic shotgun sound.
What is the quantity provided per pack?
Each pack contains 100 rounds.
Are these primers suitable for other caliber blank pistols?
No, these primers can only be used in 209 caliber blank pistols.
What kind of training is this ammunition designed for?
These primers are designed for gun dog training.
Are these primers expensive?
No, they are an inexpensive training solution.
Is it safe to use these primers?
Yes, they are safe to use in compatible 209 caliber blank pistols.
What is the purpose of using these primers during training?
The primers help ensure effective and accurate training by simulating real-world scenarios.
What brand manufactures these primers?
Winchester Ammunition.
Do these primers contribute to the efficiency of the training?
Yes, they help enhance the efficiency of your training sessions.

Item Specifications

ProductWinchester 209 Primers
Stock StatusOut of Stock
Availability DateNot Provided
CompatibilityPrimer Pistols sold by DOGS Unlimited
PurposeSimulate Shotgun Sound for Training Sessions
Cost EffectivenessInexpensive and Effective Way to Train Gun Dogs
Quantity100 Rounds
Caliber RestrictionCannot be used in other caliber blank pistols
Product CategoryAmmunition, Blank Gun Ammo

Winchester 209 Primers - Boost Your Dog Training Sessions

Winchester 209 Primers are the ideal choice to improve the effectiveness of your training sessions. Specifically designed for gun dog training, these primers offer a realistic shotgun sound simulation, ensuring your dog is well-prepared for real-world scenarios.

Compatible with any primer pistol sold by DOGS Unlimited, these 209 primers provide an inexpensive yet high-quality solution for your training needs. Using these primers during your sessions guarantees both efficiency and accuracy, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable experience.

Each pack contains 100 rounds of Winchester 209 Primers, providing you with a sufficient supply for multiple training sessions. Be sure to keep in mind that these primers can only be used in 209 caliber blank pistols, ensuring the safety of both you and your dog during training.