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  • Dogtra, Electric Fence, Flags

Dogtra, Electric Fence, Flags

by Dogtra Item #: 1113315-69003
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Expand Your Dog's Containment Area with Ease
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Dogtra, Electric Fence, Flags Q&A

How many flags are included in the pack?
The pack includes 50 flags.
Can these flags be used with other electric fence systems?
Yes, the flags are compatible with most electric fence systems.
Are these flags weather-resistant?
Yes, the flags are made from durable materials designed to withstand outdoor elements.
Do the flags help with boundary training?
Yes, they serve as an excellent training aid in teaching your dog about their boundaries.
Can I use the flags to expand the perimeter of an existing electric fence?
Yes, the flags can be used to easily expand or adjust the containment area.
Are these flags compatible with Dogtra Electric Fence systems?
Yes, they are designed to work with Dogtra Electric Fence systems.
How can I use the flags in my yard?
Place the flags around the boundary of your desired containment area as visible cues for both you and your pet.
How many flags should I use per foot of containment area?
The number of flags needed depends on your yard's layout and your pet's needs. It is advisable to place them a few feet apart for optimal coverage.
How do I know when my dog understands their boundaries?
With consistent training and usage of the flags, your dog will eventually learn to recognize and respect the boundaries.
What other accessories are available to enhance my Dogtra Electric Fence system?
Other accessories include additional collar receivers, replacement batteries, and wire kits.

Item Specifications

TypeElectric Fence
QuantityAdditional 50 each
UsageDog fence boundary flags

Dogtra Electric Fence Boundary Flags - Extra 50 Pack for Dog Containment

Increase the safety and containment of your canine companion's outdoor play area with the Dogtra Electric Fence Flags pack. These easy-to-use flags help customize your dog's confinement zone while providing clear visual cues for both you and your pet.

The Dogtra Electric Fence Flags serve as an excellent training aid to teach your dog about their boundaries. With 50 additional flags, effortlessly expand or adjust the containment area according to your yard's layout and your pet's needs.

Made from durable materials, these electric fence flags are designed to withstand outdoor elements for long-lasting effectiveness. Ensure a secure and safe play space for your beloved pet with these versatile and functional Dogtra Electric Fence Flags.

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